Haircare Routine With Rice Water: Secret to Long and Lusturous Hair

Rice water, an ancient Asian beauty trend, is globally popular for skincare and haircare. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it offers moisturization, hair strength, and potential anti-aging effects. Beauty brands like Biotique combine it with niacinamide for added skincare benefits.

Unlocking Rice Water Beauty: Expert Insights & Innovative Products Like Biotique Combine It With Niacinamide For Added Skincare

Rice water is experiencing a resurgence, with skincare enthusiasts worldwide delving into its purported “magical effects.” Once a closely guarded secret within the sphere of ancient Asian beauty rituals, rice water has now garnered global attention in the beauty industry. 

Korean Products With Rice Water 

With the burgeoning interest in Korean beauty and the pursuit of achieving coveted “glass skin,” rice water has emerged as the ultimate elixir. However, the pressing question is, does it truly live up to the hype? To unravel the mysteries of rice water’s impact on skin and hair, and to uncover ways to incorporate this superstar ingredient into one’s daily routine, we consulted experts.

Dr. Manasi Shirolikar, a Consultant Dermatologist and the Founder of the online consulting brand, elucidated that rice water is teeming with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, rendering it a potential blessing for both skin and hair. She further explained that rice water contains inositol, a carbohydrate that can fortify hair and enhance its flexibility. Amino acids found in rice water are believed to fortify hair roots, augment volume, and refine hair texture. Additionally, the presence of vitamins A and E, along with essential minerals, contributes to hair quality, aiding in the management of frizz and the overall maintenance of hair health.

Dr. Niti Gaur, a Dermatologist and the Founder of Citrine Clinic in Gurgaon, extolled the numerous benefits of rice water. She remarked, “An analysis of individual rice components, such as phenolic compounds, betaine, squalene, tricin, and rice bran, has revealed their potential anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, photo-protective, and moisturizing properties.” Dr. Gaur also highlighted recent research that provides promising insights into rice bran’s capacity to stimulate hair growth.


Scarce scientific proof

Dr. Manasi acknowledged that although rice water’s benefits are recognized in certain cultures, scientific evidence substantiating its efficacy remains limited. Rice water is known for its antioxidant properties attributed to ferulic and phytic acids. Research from 2018 indicated its potential in addressing aging signs. In skincare, rice water aids in moisturizing and diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. While not many research has been done in this field, a 2013 study suggests its ability to ameliorate signs of sun damage.

Rice Water Beauty Innovation

Numerous beauty brands, such as Biotique, have introduced innovative skincare and haircare products infused with rice water. Biotique’s Rice Water and Niacinamide range expertly combines rice water’s timeless beauty benefits, lauded for gentle cleansing and skin hydration maintenance, with niacinamide, a versatile skincare ingredient renowned for addressing various skin concerns. The range includes products like Rice Water and Niacinamide Gel Face Wash, a moisturizer, and a scrub.

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