Qualities women look for in a New Age Modern Husband

Checklist for new age modern husband: Dear Men, take a look!

A new age modern husband is the one who accepts the changing realities in a marriage even if it means the wife being unavailable for handling child, household work, or if she is earning more than him. A lot has changed and remained unchanged especially for the women in our society, but, what has really changed for the men, and, if there is a change, is it for the better or the worse?  Read on …to know what are the expectations from the new-age modern husband?

At present, thanks to the current women leaders who have influenced others and encouraged feminist movements, that now instead of one, there are two people who wear the pants in this modern generation household.

Perhaps, that is why there is always a huge pressure on men and that is to be successful at everything at any cost in career, finance, and family and that is why society considers them as the sole provider of a family.

So, getting married not only means waking up next to someone every day without getting bored but to accepting your partner the way they are. Here are some of the qualities of a new-age modern husband:

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New age modern husband
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  1. A successful one: All kidding aside, but a majority of women in today’s world do believe that financial security is important. Period. And this goes for every woman no matter if she is a housewife or not. Here successful man means someone with a plan, who has ambitious and dreams
  2. A supportive one: With financial abilities comes a lot of responsibilities, and the idea of sharing that with your partner after marriage is not always well appreciated sometimes. Some women expect from their husbands that they should be cool enough to understand that it is completely fine to not spend the entire salary only on the household expenses and his family so that they can spend on her parents, or even sometimes on friends. Also, a lot of men expect their wives to just take care of the household and pursue nothing. However, this does not work in this modern era. Good husbands are always curious about their wives passions and will do everything to help you pursue those passions.
  1. An Intelligent one: It is one of the most desirable things that women look for in their partners. Women always look to enhance their skills and studies from time to time and once education became important in women’s lives, it became a more attractive trait in potential husbands. Also, there are chances that you and your future husband may work in different places, or you have different skillsets altogether. Women know this for a fact that marriage can get very boring if you’re not able to share your skillsets with each other.
  1. A loyal one: Well, marriage is all about loyalty, isn’t it? A woman always looks for a faithful and generous man who always respects her and her relationship. A man who is open and honest so your partner doesn’t need to be overly suspicious because what you see on him, is what you get. To build a strong marriage, you definitely need trust between husband and wife, else you would spend the rest of your life living in fear and doubt that your spouse might lie or cheat on you.
  1. A dependable one: Of course women want a partner that they can count on, every time. They look to their spouse to be a passionate lover and a wonderful friend, but they also want him to be incredibly supportive. Women like it when men take charge of everything so that they don’t have to.
  1. A gorgeous one: For the women, he should be good-looking as physical appearance matters a lot to them. He doesn’t have to look like any famous star but decent and smart enough to make his way to a woman’s heart with his charm. According to multiple surveys, many women don’t even care about the looks of the person and still get involved if they are kind, generous, and lovable.
  1. A compassionate one: A woman expects kindness from her future husbands who have a good understanding of forgiveness. The one who would try to fulfil other people’s needs before his own, and should be kind towards strangers, children, elderly and animals, are some of the qualities that will attract the ladies. Also, a man who has compassion will always make her feel safe and protected, not only physically but also mentally. As long as the protectiveness doesn’t turn into possessiveness, over-jealousy, or abuse, women will always appreciate their partner that always has their back.
  1. The one: He is your best friend, the person who makes you incredibly comfortable that you can talk to him about anything, joke about different things. The one who has a great sense of humour, and is amazing in bed. The one who knows when to participate in the care of the children, including changing diapers, and taking paternity care leave from work to stay home with the kids.  And finally, when it comes to a situation, he would be THE ONE taking charge of all the responsibilities to go back to the old role of being a sole protector and provider.

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