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Sensual touching for couples: Enhance your romantic life with these conversations 

Well yes, it does feel exciting, scary, thrilling and so damn sexy!

Sense of closeness requires a combination of 4 types of intimacy: Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual – to help you discover new sensations that you’ve never felt before.

After doing some digging on Google, I came across various studies on relationships and I learnt that every sexual act, be it sensual talk or sensual touch – is a journey into yourself and your partner.

You should realise that your partner’s body is to be touched gently and felt emotionally because erotic touching cultivates closeness and nervousness and brings you closer. When you start exploring your partner’s entire body, you realise that he/she has a sensitive spot that excites you and your partner when you play with it.

Sensual fact: You can make your partner comfortable with these conversations about erotic and sensual touch, erotic talk, and you’ll get to know your partner – and yourself – on an entirely new level.

Always remember that a breath-taking, and passionate lovemaking needs such comfortable conversations with the one you love.

So, let’s offer you the same kind of journey; to explore the vast universe of your partner’s skin.

Here are a few delicious tips for sensual touching and erotic conversations starters to help you discover each other’s bodies:

Sensual (erotic) talks for Couples (Both Partners)

  1. Hey, when I touch you, does it feel good? How exactly does it feel? Shall I go slow and gentle? How and where would you like me to touch you differently? How do you want me to feel you?

  2. What is your favourite kind of foreplay? Is there anything that you don’t like me to do it to you or any foreplay that kills your arousal? Is there a part of any foreplay that you’d like me to work on?

  3. What are your favourite places that I can touch? Do you like when I run my fingers or my tongue all over your body to turn you on?  Would it help you if I asked you what exactly do you want me to do and what exactly do you need?

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Questions for Women to answer regarding sensual touch

Many women crave nonsexual physical affection like cuddling, being held, or being touched without feeling an expectation for sex and they feel that they cannot ask for it which is why they need a comfort zone from their partner.

  1. Women wish that a warm touch comforts them and does not lead to an expectation of sex. Is that true with us too? Do you want more variety, flavour and openness?

  2. How do you feel when I touch you up there (second base) by my hand? Does that turn you on? Is there a way that you want me to learn?

  1. How do you like it when I penetrate you with my fingers? You can guide me on how exactly do you want it to happen so that I can improve it?

  2. Do you like to shake things up? How do you feel about this? We can try different positions, tie each other up or even record ourselves? How do you feel about all this?

  3. Do you feel embarrassed when I touch you down there? If it helps, I can say I like it a lot but I want to know for sure that you love it too. How do you feel about this? If so, what can I do to make it easier for you? I want to please you as best I can.

Questions to ask men regarding sensual touch

  1. The majority of men wish if their partners would pay more attention to their sensitive areas. Do you wish the same?

  2. How do you feel about me stimulating you with my hand? Do you like when I touch you down there? Does it work for you? Do you want me to go hard or tight, or do you want me to go soft? You can guide me how can I make it better?

  3. Touching you down there turns me on. But I wanna know how do you feel about me getting turned on by touching you down there?

Some of the common erogenous zones (excluding the obvious ones like genitalia, butts, and breasts) include ears, lips, neck, small part of the back, and inner thighs. You can find out the areas of your partner’s body that make them melt in response to your sensual touch.

A few kinds of physical affections:

  1. Backrubs or massages at preferred place or skin area

  2. Gentle caressing/stroking

  3. Cuddling and holding

  4. All kinds of hugging

  5. Holding hands smoothly

  6. Kissing on the lips, face and all over the body (as preferred by your partner)

  7. Licking on the face or all over the body (as preferred by your partner)

  8. Skin to skin touching when you’re in public or not

  9. Tickling where your partner prefers with hands, feathers or even ice

  10. Self-pleasuring (with consent from your partner)

Sensual tip from expert: You should spend more time on the first base by kissing your partner as much as you can without even rushing to take each other’s clothes off. Relish the foreplay process completely and different intensities when you kiss or even lick each other, and make sure not to miss your partner’s neck, shoulders, hands, and whatever else you see or the skin which is already exposed.

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