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Khichdi to moong dal soup; top foods to give your digestive system a break

Revitalize your digestive health with digestion TIPS and nourishing foods! From khichdi to moong dal soup, discover easy-to-digest options for a resilient gut.

Khichdi to Moong Dal Soup – A Guide to Healing Foods” read here to know more

Are you grappling with low appetite, fatigue, and compromised digestion? Discover a curated list of foods and beverages designed to rejuvenate your digestive health when it’s not at its best.

A strong immune system begins with good digestion. When these feelings come up you should pick on some foods like having a sore throat, reduced appetite, tiredness or feeling weak. What do they mean by ‘easier to digest’? The following is a list of food types you should select when your body demands a break in its digestive functions.

1. Soothing Soups:

Some examples of these foods include soups made out of vegetables mixed with some digestive herbs such as black pepper, ginger, cumin, and coriander.

For instance, these may contain vegetable chunks in clear soup, blends of green beans with chunky zucchini, carrots, or even blends of asparagus, peas, and zucchini for babies who can eat solid foods.

2. Rice Gruel:

Watery rice gruel which comprises rice, is prepared in abundant water until it becomes mushy, adding salt and ginger powder.

If you feel that your body cannot tolerate whole, solid food items, have some nutritious rice water instead.

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3. Moong Dal Soup:

Distraught digestive systems will find green moong dal soup soothing and nutritious.

Make sure that moong beans are soaked properly and cook them thoroughly to help in digestion.

4. Vegetable Broth:

Give your body some energy in the form of vegetable broth filled with fibre, herbs and spices.

Vegetable broth is easily digested and constitutes a healthy choice when experiencing digestion problems.

5. Khichdi:

Preparation of comforting Khichdi: Rice and Moong Dal boiled until they overcook in abundant water.

It is a simple meal that causes minimal stress on the stomach, yet it contains important nutrients.

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6. Herbal Tea:

Incorporate a thermofluid therapy by using warm water mixed with such herbs as, lemon grass, ginger, dandelion, chamomile or cinnamon while feeling ill.

Firstly, herbal teas are not only warm but also promote general well-being.

7. Fruits for Snacking:

Choose light snacks such as pomegranates, fresh grapes or stewed apples during mid-meals.

The following provides some refreshing break and nutrition.

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Things to Avoid: 


During times of illness, avoid all meats and dairy products.

Refined flour and sugars: Avoid processed snacks that are loaded with refined sugar, bread, pasta, and refined flour.

Avoid overindulging in heavy lentils and beans as this may cause discomfort to your digestive system.

 During times of illness, you can promote your overall well-being by giving your digestive system the break it needs by selecting these readily digestible foods and avoiding specific irritants.


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