Greece will participate in the European Sex Championship in Sweden

Is the European Sex Championship actually happening? Or is it a hoax? Let’s understand what the internet is saying and doing! 

European Sex Championship in Sweden: What Does It Mean? Is it Real?

According to recent reports, Sweden has announced sex as a sport. This will also be celebrated in the form of the European Sex Championship in Sweden, which will begin on June 8th. 

What is the European Sex Championship?

The European Sex Championship will be an event spread over six weeks where the participants will compete in 16 disciplines. These could include sexual activities such as oral sex, body massage, foreplay, and more. 

It is being said that each session could last 45-60 minutes and a day’s event could stretch to six hours. 

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The competition will be held under the guidance of the Swedish Sex Federation. 

Who will participate in these games?

There will be 20 participants from different countries and as per recent reports, Greece is one of those countries.  Participants from Russia, Great Britain, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine, Portugal, Spain, France and Finland will also be participating. 

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How will they be judged?

The participants will be judged by a panel of judges who will look at the chemistry between the couple, their endurance level, and their knowledge. Participants who have knowledge about ‘Kamasutra’- the Indian text on sex and eroticism will be given bonus points. 

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The championship is also promoting people from different sexual orientations to participate. 

 European Sex Championship: Is this a hoax?

According to other news, the reports or claims that Sweden has declared Sex as a sport and is holding a six-week Sex Championship is a hoax. It is being said that this was a drama caused by Dragan Bratic, a Swedish man who owns several strip clubs and wants sex to be classified as a sport. He had also submitted an application for the same to the Swedish Sports Confederation, but the application was rejected. 

However, the internet has really bought into this news of the European Sex Championship and tweets on Twitter are just helping carry forward this drama. But, what are your thoughts on something like this? Can a country actually declare sex as a sport and have a competition for it?

Let us know!

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