Europe’s Progressive Stance on Sex: Sweden Declares Sex As A Sport And Organises Inaugural Sex Event

Recently, Sweden declared sex as a sport and is preparing to hold its inaugural sex event soon

Sweden Declares Sex As A Sport: European Sex Championship Promotes Sexual Exploration and Diversity

Europe truly is leading the example at having a positive approach towards sex. As Sweden declares sex as a sport, it is preparing to hold its inaugural sex event soon. During the event, participants will be engaging in sex sessions lasting as long as six hours each day, and the winners will be selected by a judging panel, with the audience potentially playing a role in the final decision.

European Sex Championship: 

Commencing from June 8, the European Sex Championship will take place for a period of six weeks. The contestants will participate in sexual activities for approximately 45 to 60 minutes per day, depending on the duration of their respective matches. This competition aims to describe the participants’ sexual activities, with no restriction on the level of familiarity the readers may have with the topic.

Exploring Sexual Abilities:

As per the initial registrations, the championship is anticipated to feature 20 contestants from various nations. The winners will be evaluated based on both the ratings provided by the audience and the verdict of a panel consisting of three judges. Participants will join 16 different categories including oral sex, seduction, penetration, endurance, number of orgasms, knowledge about sex, communication and connection between partners, physical appearance, and other related factors. The scoring scale for each category ranges from 5 to 10 points.

Incorporating the Kamasutra:

It is required for all participants to have a proficient understanding of the Kamasutra, the ancient Sanskrit text on sex and eroticism. The contestants will receive bonus points by incorporating the various practices and teachings from the Kamasutra in their challenges. This integration of ancient wisdom into the competition adds a unique dimension to the exploration of sexual abilities.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: 

The organisers have made an effort to promote diversity by inviting people with different sexual orientations to participate in the competition, and have emphasised the advantages this could bring. They expressed their desire for other European nations to follow their lead. As per the organisers, the integration of sexual orientation into athletic strategies will set a new precedent in European nations.

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Mental and Physical wellbeing through Sexual Activity:

According to The Times of India, Dragan Bratych, the head of the Swedish Federation of Sex, stated that it was only a matter of time before sex is acknowledged as a sport, emphasising the benefits of mental and physical health through sexual activity, as well as the importance of proper training. Bratych believes that just like with any other physical activity, mastering sexual performance requires practice. This is why it might make sense for individuals to consider approaching sex as a skill to train and improve upon.

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Challenging Social Stigmas:

Hopefully, this progressive approach to sex will help combat the social stigmas associated with it. With Sweden leading the way, it is time for other countries to at least start talking about sex. Being well into the twenty-first century, it is crucial to promote healthy and open conversations about sex, recognising its importance in human relationships and well-being.

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This European Sex Championship organised by Sweden showcases Europe’s progressive stance on sex. By declaring sex as a sport, incorporating the teachings of the Kamasutra, and promoting diversity and inclusion, this competition aims to explore sexual abilities, challenge social stigmas, and emphasise the importance of mental and physical health through sexual activity. It is hoped that this event will encourage other countries to have more open discussions about sex and foster a healthier attitude towards this natural and fundamental aspect of human life.

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