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Boring Sex Life? 5 Ways To Tell Your Partner To Spice It

How To Make Your Boring Sex Life Better

When you are in a relationship for long it becomes vital to keep up the intimacy and ensure that you don’t have a boring sex life. That is not to say that sex is the only important thing in the relationship, but ensuring a healthy and enjoyable sexual relationship does help in the long run. It has also been found that couples who share a close intimate relationship tend to feel happier with their relationship, and last much longer. So, how can you spice up your boring sex life and reignite the flame? 

1. Role Plays

It goes without saying that the age-old role-play method is the favorite of every couple. You can work with your partner to define the roles you want to enact and what you would like to do before jumping into the act. Keep it innovative and try to do something you have always wanted to try out. 

Pro Tip: Setting up the bedroom in a way that complements your roles will help in giving it a much more ‘real’ touch and make it all the more sexier. 

2. Be More Open

Sex is not something we often talk about. Couples rarely talk about their expectations of each other in the bedroom. It is just seen as an act that you do for pleasure or conception. So, talking to your partner about what they expect and putting across your expectations of them helps to make your sex life much better. As sex is all about feeling comfortable and letting go, talking is the first step to ensure that.

3. Sexting!

Imagine that you both are busy with your respective works in the office, but then you start sexting and building the mood. You continue doing that until it’s time to come home and meet each other. Won’t the sexual tension run high? Yes! And this elated level of sexual energy is what will make the sex much better. Sexting is a great way to spice up your sex life and keep things interesting inside and outside the bedroom. 

Pro Tip: While sexting, try telling each other what you want to do when you are together, make up scenarios, define them, and be as descriptive as possible. 

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4. Celebrate Your Kinks

Sexual kinks can range from liking dominance to lingerie fetish. Talking about your kinks with your partner and asking them about their fetish is a good way to care for each other’s needs and cater to them. Kinks and fetishes are often seen as taboo, and couples hardly talk about them for fear of being judged. But kinks are also an instant turn-on and excellent foreplay. 

5. Watch P**n together

Watching adult and sexual content together can also be a great way to spice up your sex life. Imitating what you see and getting turned on at the same time is desirable and something that makes for a fiery time together. 

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