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Shy To Ask? Follow 5 Sexuality Educators on Instagram Who’re Normalizing Sex Education

5 Sexuality Educators you can follow on Instagram to understand your Sexuality better


  • Why is sex education necessary in India?
  • 5 Sexuality Educators you can follow on Instagram

Sex, the mere word grabs the attention of many. The term depicts a child’s gender or indicates intercourse and involves many more things that should be known. These are collectively known as sex education. In India, sex education is restricted to pornography (where you hardly get any education).

In India, sex can only be discussed behind closed doors or with your peers in a secretive tone. An advertisement of a condom, sanitary pad, an intimate scene in any movie or series is enough to ruin your family movie time.

Why is sex education necessary in India?

(Obvious reaction)

Adolescents undergo various physical changes when they hit puberty and are often embarrassed by it. Lack of information and misinformation make them self-conscious about physiological changes such as developing body parts, pubic hair, facial hair, etc. Due to these changes, they may become insecure and vulnerable to low self-esteem. All their doubts, especially among teenagers, can only be resolved by sex education. However, most of the Indian syllabus includes one or a maximum of two chapters about sex education. Most of the time, those skipped or students are compelled to read them separately in-group of males and females.

On the other hand, when children have a supportive and understanding environment, they tend not to resort to pornography or random sites on the internet to learn about their bodies. Moreover, most importantly, they learn to respect themselves and each other. This is clearly the need of the hour.

Sometimes, surfing information on the internet may leave you baffled and end up associating every health-related symptom to dangerous diseases.

In that case, these Instagram accounts come to your rescue. These Sex educators on Instagram can answer your answer better and in an effortless tone.

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5 Sexuality Educators you can follow on Instagram to understand your Sexuality better!

1. Seema Anand 

Seema Anand is a mythologist and a professional storyteller based in London. Her expertise in Eastern erotology and Kama Sutra is well known. Among millennials, Seema is best known for her book The Arts of Seduction. Apart from your sex-related problems, Seema also solves relationship issues. Amusingly, her followers moniker her as Otis’s Mom (Jean Milburn from Sex Education).

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2. Tanaya 

Dr. Tanaya Narendra is a gynecologist who advocates sexual health literacy. Her page talks about masturbation, menstruation, personal and genital hygiene, safe sex and debunks myths around sex and pleasure. She answers questions that most people have but are shy to ask. She explains concepts and situations more like a friend, less like a doctor (but she is a doctor, don’t worry). Tanaya believes that having open conversations is the best way to start.‌‌

3. Niyatii Shah

Niyatii Shah is a certified Sexuality Educators who has worked with many different people from all occupations to educate them on the art of lovemaking, demystify the act, and try to eradicate the taboo that exists around it. Her video on Josh Talks on the Topic Things about S*X No One Ever Told You gained more than 80 lakhs views.

4. Neha Bhat

Neha Bhat is a sex therapist who talks about sex while dealing with mental health problems. She is a trauma-informed clinical art therapist and counselor who helps people get over their trauma and resolve issues in their sex lives. She has created a safe online community for people to come, express their pain, and get the right advice.‌‌‌‌

5. Karishma Swarup

Karishma Swarup, a Brown University graduate, teaches people how to have a healthy sex life and maintain personal hygiene to be safe and preventive during sexual experience. She also resolves doubts and answers questions about menstruation cycles, problems faced during intercourse, and other roadblocks that people often encounter when starting out.‌‌

It is very disappointing to know that where a text named Kama sutra is solely dedicated to sex education, its contribution and importance in our life are neglected largely. Therefore, if you are also shy about talking about it, write in the comment section.

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