Intimacy doesn’t Mean SEX : Indian Men Reveal what Intimacy means to them?

Men Reveal what intimacy means to them? Is it Just about having sex or there is more that every woman need to know!


  • What is Intimacy in a relationship? 
  • Why is it important for human beings? 
  • What Intimacy means to a man 
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Many relationship experts have revealed intimacy is often confused with sex. To your surprise, people can get involved in sexual relationship without getting intimate, and intimacy can happen without sexual component being present. So what is intimacy? To simply put, Intimacy means deeply knowing someone, while also feeling deeply knowing yourself. Talking about men and women, the idea of intimacy is different for both the genders. We often hear that men struggle with intimacy. Recently, Indian men reveal what intimacy means to them. Take a look at their insightful answers.

Why is Intimacy so important?

Every human being craves intimacy. At times, it is difficult for men to express it but that doesn’t mean they don’t crave for it. Recently, Indian men on the internet honestly revealed that what intimacy means to them and it’s not just about having sex!  Relationship experts revealed men are more physical in their journey to intimacy than women but it is not only the way to get there. Among men sometimes sex results in intimacy, among women intimacy sometimes results in sex.  Yes, the physical part plays an important role when it comes to intimacy for men. Notably, physical intimacy is just one of many forms of intimacy but it’s an important one for men.

Let us see what men have to say:

Physical doesn’t mean sex

A lot of times women think we are just interested in physical intimacy but that’s not the case all the time. Sometimes we just want to get noticed and appreciated. Also, physical doesn’t mean sex – Little touches while we are working, rubbing shoulders or just planting a kiss on cheeks, a user on Reddit!

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Compliments are Intimate

Not only women but we also like to hear compliments. To be honest, we won’t say this out loud but random compliments are always appreciated. This morning my wife texted me – You look great in black shirt and that was an intimate moment for me. For me intimacy means being secure and happy around someone you love, a user at Quora!

Emotional Intimacy definitely matters!

From a very young age, we are taught not to express our emotions. For example – Tum Ladke ho kaise ro sakte ho? Emotional intimacy definitely matters! If we can share our feelings with our partner without the fear of being judged, that’s the most important form of intimacy. If a man opens up to a woman, it means he is showing his vulnerable side to her which could have been taught to hide.  It is the most intimate and valued feeling for a man, says Karan Dubey, a 28 -Year -old, Software Engineer.

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Giving Space is a form of Intimacy – Yes!

A 26 – year –old, IT professional revealed all he wants is space to build intimacy with his partner. He said her girlfriend always complains that he doesn’t spend time with her. He revealed it is important for women to understand that it is important to find the balance between closeness and separateness. Not giving enough space is one of the fastest ways to kill intimacy. When women allow us space, it means they are confident that we will make the right choice and that’s intimacy for us!

What exactly does intimacy mean to a man?

Intimacy in a relationship means that both the parties involved should feel safe and secure. No matter whether you are a man or a woman, trust and respect remain the most important components of a relationship.  For men, being vulnerable and open with their partner, expressing emotions without fear is the biggest form of intimacy.

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