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Rebound Sex: Does Romping Under Sheets Help to Get over Terrible Breakup?

Rebound sex can happen because of these four things: revenge; self-affirmation; a way to cope with the tragedy; and a way to “get over” the ex

Breakup sucks! It is so because relationships are sensitive and based on love and trust. When people get angry or hurt, they tend to do crazy things, as it is human nature. It goes with couples, too, because they think the fastest and best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. So, when one of them feels betrayed or gets dumped, they end up hooking, aka rebound sex with the first person, aka rebound partner. The rebound is to get back at their ex as revenge to ease the pain and get over whatever they feel inside. But will a quick romp under the sheets help?

Research has revealed that most people who engage in rebound or revenge sex struggle with feelings of loneliness and the fear of being unwanted. Aren’t we all a little scared of loneliness sometimes in life?

Get over it without getting under someone else

Research also revealed that you might find love in a rebound relationship, but let’s be honest, what are the chances of that?

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Jaipur-based senior psychologist Dr Amitha shares her viewpoint about why having casual sex will not take away the hurt of a bad or good breakup and what you should do to get yourself back.

  1. Think carefully: Doing something to fill that emotional void makes you feel good at that moment, but what happens once that moment expires? It can be a valuable part of your healing process, but if you’re going into it for the wrong reasons, it can also make you feel much worse.
  2. Crying not at all a weakness: People cry when hurt, as it’s unbearable. You need to let out those unpleasant emotions as soon as possible. The tears are a sign of an emotional purge which is infinitely better than bottling up emotions.
  3. Know your friends: In this situation, you must know the company you spend most of your time with. Be with your trustworthy friends. Hang out with them, and have fun with them. Call your gang, tune into Netflix, and binge-watch all of your favourite shows.
  4. Get your shit together: Trying your best to win him/her back when he or she has closed all the doors? Instead, you should get ahead in your life as your ex might be doing.

  5. Nourish yourself with healthy food and exercise: You should always eat healthy, but when things go wrong like this, people tend to eat unhealthy foods and do something which can harm them, such as drinking or smoking too much. Help yourself by doing yoga or joining a gym.
  6. Furry friend: Believe it or not, having a pet dog (or any) can help emotionally and psychologically. It brings positive energy, and if you feel lonely even with all your friends around, your furry friend will take care of that.
  7. Block rule: If you have ended things well, then it won’t matter. However, if it is terrible, block the person from every social media platform because there is a reason you guys are not together or probably hate each other, which explains everything.
  8. Throw yourself into a career: The breakup might have hurt you badly, but it would also help you solidify your career and professional goals. You will know your priorities to be able to dedicate yourself to work with no distractions.

According to experts, people are most likely to get involved in rebound sex when they want four things for themselves: revenge, self-affirmation, a way to cope with the tragedy, and a way to “get over” the ex. However, there’s no assurance that rebound sex will provide you with these things. Yep, you guessed it right, and this is where it gets a little tricky.

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