Earn or Learn at the beginning of your career? Let’s seek help from professionals

Earning or Learning: What should be your priority?

In the beginning of a career, earning VS learning always remains a debatable question. More people you meet, the more advice you will get. They might work for you, but they can even leave you baffled. Initial few years of the career are very crucial. They can make you or they can break you. Focusing only on the learning can give you a run for money, and keeping only earning prospective in mind without any real time learning is also a bad idea. Changing a lot of jobs can make you a job hopper, making you an unreliable employee. On the other hand, sticking to an organization for a long time can bring your growth to a standstill. So, what is the solution? Well, the answer is – Learning and Earning goes hand in hand.

If you are learning new things, nothing can stop your growth. Learning is important, and once you have learnt things, earning will follow. Career experts believe money without knowledge would be short lived. It is important to understand nitty -gritty of the industry.

A lot of young people fall prey to the vicious cycle of good paycheck (You can stick to it until you are learning something new every then and now). But learning should always be a priority. Otherwise, the success would be short lived. Talking about career advice, LinkedIn is the best platform to connect. A lot of people with their enriched knowledge and experience are there to offer you some handful of advice.

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Sandeep Kochhar, the founder of BlewMinds is someone whom I follow regularly. If you are an active member on LinkedIn, you shouldn’t miss his articles and write ups. He calls himself a failure and wears his scars as a proud badge. His story has literally transformed. Recently, I was going through one of his write ups, and found something really interesting on earning Vs learning.

It is always good to share things that can impact others. Here a few things that you should consider, I am already doing if earning vs. learning is an issue for you.

How to plan out your career? Useful advises by Sandeep Kochhar, take a look: 

1. Put learning over earning: Some folks fall prey to instant gratification and pay more attention to earning. But to gain more, one should always make learning his or her priority.

2. Are you paid more or less, the best way is to face interviews: According to Sandeep, one should always keep appearing for interviews. It is important to keep a check on your market value. Both the situations can be hazardous to your career.

3. Don’t be scared of taking risks: In his post, he shared his experience on how being not clear about things he wanted to do in life. He kept on changing jobs, quitting industries until he finally found his passion.

4. Build Network: It is another important tool that every professional should follow. Connect with people freely, help them find jobs so that they can be benefitted. This helps you to make a better career.

Linkedin profile Sandeep Kochhar


In an article by Fast company, Mark Suster, an American entrepreneur said, “It is important to understand what you get out of working in an organization. It could be one or several – great network of talented executives and VCs, specific industry or technical skills that will help you in what you do next.  Learn now to earn later

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