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How Faye DSouza is redefining Independent Journalism in India?

Here are 5 reasons why we adore Faye Dsouza

The World is currently fighting with deadly virus COVID 19. There is a complete lockdown in India too and it might get extended. In that case, we all our at home and are consuming news all day long. News content is overflowing, and this is leading  to circulation of some fake news too. 
Honestly, there is so much going on that our mental peace is at stake. Watching debates on news channel sometimes can fill you up with some negative thoughts.But we need information to stay updated, right? Thankfully there are people who are restoring our faith in Journalism and one of them is Faye Dsouza. 
The renowned Journalist is changing the face of Independent Journalism. From bringing some of the most unfiltered stories for viewers to giving glimpses of her work from home routine, she is acing it all. She knows her job and report what needs to be reported. For people like us she is an inspiration. 
Here are 5 reasons why we adore her, and how she is restoring our faith in Journalism: 
1. Fact check: She always check facts before posting it on her social media accounts. She keeps her viewers posted with authentic news which can keep them well informed. Without becoming subjective she delivers you the truth. 

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2. Bringing Human Interest stories 
People are moved by emotions and she knows that well. If you will check her Instagram posts, you will get to see some of the most engaging stories. 
3. Raising topics that can actually help viewers 
A lot of things are happening right now. A lot of patients of BP and diabeties are advised to take their medicine on time. Her recent chat with Dr. Harish was very informative. She talked about people who are suffering  from serious mental illness. What about them? And how this lockdown is impacting them. 

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4. She gives you food for thought
While we all are busy making our quarantine routine, have you ever thought how are farmers are surviving this lockdown? She did a video to give out the facts. Take a look here and you should must watch it. 
5. She knows media has a huge responsibility! 
There are so many sections in society which need help. Interestingly, there are so many people who want to help but they don’t how? She made it easy by sharing list of NGOs which are genuine and authentic . Also, her initiative of Good News is helping a lot of people in this chaotic time .

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