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1984 Anti Sikh Riots: 10 Painful stories that will make your soul cry

 1984 Anti Sikh Riots: The memory of horror is still fresh, gut wrenching stories that will make you cry

The verdict of 1984 Anti Sikh Riots has been already delivered. It was a historic decision as Sajjan Kumar has been sentenced to life imprisonment. 38 years have passed but the memory of that horrific incident is still fresh. So many innocent Sikhs were killed during the riots. The pain of losing loved ones all of a sudden is unfathomable. The incident leaves chills down my spines.

The pain and memory of that horrific incident are still fresh. Around 3,000 Sikhs were killed in Delhi. Not even kids were spared. The worst-hit areas in Delhi were Trilokpuri, Shahadara, Mongolpuri, Geeta Colony and Sultanpur.

Here are a few heart-wrenching stories that will remind you of our bloody history, take a look:

1. “We were at Amritsar Railway station. I was there to drop my son and suddenly a mad mob attacked us. They started screaming Sikh’s have killed the nation’s mother. I was screaming, they dragged my son and burnt him alive.”

2. “We used to stay in Kanpur and I was in school at that time. A Sikh family used to stay in the building next to us. Their kids were really adorable, they would have never imagined what was going to happen to them. They were attacked by a mob- They shouted – Saale Sardar and his entire family was burnt alive. We saw them screaming in front of our eyes. I can’t forget that night.”

3. “There was a madness in their eyes. Nothing could stop them. They entered my kitchen and dragged my sons. They were set on fire. With no option left, I was listening to their painful screams. It still haunts me.”

4. “I had a friend who was a Sikh. His entire family was terrified. The mob was attacking young women. I bought them at my house and kept them in a basement for two days. They were not even allowed to use the washroom.”

  1. “There was a young boy who was running to save his life. Around 30 men were chasing him. He was set ablaze in front of my eyes. I couldn’t help him. I was not able to sleep for weeks after watching that incident.”
  1. 6. “I was covering this along with my friend who was a Sardar. After witnessing the situation, I told him to hide in our studio’s dark room. He had to stay there for 24 hours. He even urinated and defecated there only. “
  1. “My four sons were set on fire in front of my eyes. They were screaming Haaye Mummy, Haaye Papa but we couldn’t help them. The mob simply didn’t stop. Do you think I will ever forget this?”
  1. “Not only Sikhs were murdered that day, humanity was also killed that day. I had four younger sisters at home. The mob was not ready to stop. A friend of mine who was a Hindu took all of us to his home and kept us safe. But not all were lucky like this. We saw how Sikhs were set on fire and not even children were spared.
  1. “I can clearly recall the slogan they were chanting – Hindu –Muslim bhai- bhai, sikh quam kaha se aayi.  Our entire house was set on fire and father was murdered. Fortunately, some people came to our rescue and we were able to escape.  I cannot face my father’s pleading face and the pain will only vanish when I will die.”
  1. “My elder sister was dragged in front of my eyes and was burnt alive. She was going to get married next month.  I will never be able to make peace with it. I can hear her pleading voice every single day. Apno ko koi bhool pata hai kya?”

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