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Jagdish Gandhi: CMS Founder Jagdish Gandhi Dies at 87, his Journey from 5 Students in 1959 to Building World

Jagdish Gandhi, visionary founder of CMS, transformed education globally, leaving a legacy from 5 students in 1959 to the world's largest school chain.

Jagdish Gandhi: A Visionary Educator’s Journey from 5 Students in 1959 to Building a Global Legacy

Jagdish Gandhi: CMS Founder Jagdish Gandhi Dies at 87, his Journey from 5 Students in 1959 to Building World's Largest School | Education News, Times Now

 The education world mourns the loss of a visionary and pioneer, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, the founder of City Montessori School (CMS), who passed away at the age of 88. From a humble beginning with just five students in 1959, he went on to establish the world’s largest school chain, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of education. This article traces the remarkable journey of Jagdish Gandhi, from his early life to the global impact of CMS.

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A Life of Service and Leadership 

Jagdish Gandhi’s life was marked by a commitment to service and leadership. Born in Aligarh, he was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s principles from a young age. After contesting and winning the Lucknow University student union elections, he entered politics, becoming an MLA for five years. His dedication to public service laid the foundation for his later contributions to education.

The Inception of CMS

 In 1959, after marrying Bharti Gandhi, Jagdish Gandhi embarked on a mission to provide quality education. With just five students initially, he and his wife approached families to enroll their children in a new school – City Montessori School. Despite initial rejections, a neighbor’s support marked the beginning of CMS. The school, initially affiliated with the UP Board, later gained recognition from the ICSE Board.


Death Of Founder Of Jagdish Gandhi Passed Away CMS School Lucknow News | CMS स्कूल के संस्थापक जगदीश गांधी का निधन, परिवार ने दी जानकारी, जारी किया ये बयान

Adopting the ‘Gandhi’ Surname 

Driven by his admiration for Mahatma Gandhi, Jagdish Gandhi decided to shed his original surname and adopted ‘Gandhi’ as a tribute to the leader who deeply influenced him. This symbolic gesture reflected his commitment to the values of simplicity, non-violence, and service to humanity.

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Educational Revolution and Global Mindset

 CMS, with its motto ‘Jai Jagat’ (‘Victory to the World’), aimed to create world citizens through inclusive education. Jagdish Gandhi envisioned students who would champion peace, stand against conflicts, and actively contribute to social transformation globally. His commitment to fostering a global mindset set CMS apart as an institution with a unique vision.

Impact on Education Landscape 

The growth of CMS under Jagdish Gandhi’s leadership was unprecedented. With over 61,000 students across 21 branches in Lucknow, CMS earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest school in terms of pupils in a single city. His dedication to education earned accolades, and CMS became a symbol of excellence and inclusivity.

Tributes and Condolences

 The passing of Jagdish Gandhi led to an outpouring of tributes from politicians, educationists, and school principals. Akhilesh Yadav, the leader of the Samajwadi Party, expressed his condolences, emphasizing Gandhi’s significant contribution to education. Principals of renowned schools in Lucknow, such as La Martiniere Girls’ College, acknowledged his profound impact on holistic learning environments.

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Conclusion: Dr. Jagdish Gandhi’s journey from a small school with five students to the helm of the world’s largest school chain is a testament to his vision, dedication, and leadership. As CMS continues to thrive, his legacy lives on, inspiring future generations to embrace education as a tool for positive change and global unity. The memorial prayer service on February 4 at CMS Gomti Nagar extension campus will celebrate his life and the enduring impact he has left on the field of education.

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