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One Year of Farmer Protests, Timeline Dedicated To A Year Of Suffering

One Year of Farmer Protests: Here is a timeline of events that took in ongoing farmers’ protests

The Prime Minister announced the repeal of the three contentious farm laws. This decision has come after a year of continuous Farmer protests and even sporadic incidents of violence. Meanwhile, farmers had cleared their thoughts about calling off the protests. Protesting farmers are not ready to move from Delhi borders unless they get a written affirmation from the government. One year of Farmer protest and here is a timeline dedicated to a year of suffering.

Farmers’ protests can be considered as one of the longest running protests in India. During this time, several events happened that left the entire nation shocked! Here is the timeline of events that took place in ongoing farmers’ protests.

 June 2020

The central government introduced ordinances for three farm laws. Farmers objected to this announcement, as they fear that these laws will result in the abolishment of the minimum support price (MSP). Thereafter, the nation witnessed Protests in some parts of Punjab.

 September 2020

The government brought ordinances to parliament amid protests, bills were passed, and laws were enacted. The movement had begun to take the shape of protests. Protests began from parts of Punjab and had spread to Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

November 2020

Farm organizations gave a call to ‘Dilli Chalo’. Delhi police tried to stop farmers, used water cannons, and even force.

On November 26, 2020, farmers encircled Delhi. Meanwhile, the government-started talks with the farmers but saw no breakthrough.

December 2020

Protests continued on a large scale, including nationwide strikes. Second-round talks also remained inconclusive. Farmers intensified protests and the Bhartiya Kisan Union moved to the Supreme Court.

January 2021


This month changed the direction of the movement. The Supreme Court stayed implementation of these laws. But the farmers refused to budge and demanded a complete rollback. On January 26, protests became violent. Major clashes were witnessed between protesters and forces as they marched to Delhi’s Lal Quila. Some BJP leaders also hinted towards involvement of Khalistani leaders in making the protests violent.

 As the government inched closer to a crackdown BKU leader Rakesh Tikait refused to vacate the Ghazipur border. His video of crying and appealing reinvigorated protests led many others to join the protests.

 February 2021

Delhi police alleged conspiracy to defame India and brought toolkit controversy into the picture. This allegation came after some international celebrities like environmentalist Greta Thunberg, singer Rihanna and Mia Khalifa tweet quoting farmer protests in India.

This also resulted in Twitter war between Punjabi star Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut after Ranaut posted several tweets against farmers.

Meanwhile, farmers continued the protests. From February to June, the protests intensified and witnessed no breakthrough.

 July 2021

Farmers announced their parallel monsoon session near parliament. The opposition staged protests.

 August 2021

The protests grabbed headlines once again after violence in Karnal. Several farmers were injured after the Haryana police’s crackdown. Video of SDM Ayush Sinha instructing cops ‘to break the heads’ of farmers went viral.

October 2021

This was another important month for these protests. A convoy of three vehicles, including one owned by Minister Ajay Mishra, hit a group of protesting farmers. Eight people including farmers, BJP workers, and a journalist were killed. High voltage political drama followed this violence. In addition, the government faced backlash for not taking enough action.

November 2021

After more than a year of passing these laws, the government moved back and repealed these laws. PM Modi announced this on November 19, 2021. Where some are considering this as Master’s stroke, others moniker it as ‘chunavi jumbla’ for election 2022.

Now all eyes are on farmers. Will the farmers’ protests finally end?

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