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Weird but effective: It’s all about Chinese ancient knife massage!

Chinese Knife Massage can do wonders: Want to try it?

Well, we can understand you might be wondering how a knife massage can be effective. It sounds so dangerous! Isn’t it? But this Chinese ancient old massage is solution to plenty of problems guys and we are damn serious about it. When it comes to beauty and health, people tend to do a lot of experiments. At times it can be horrible, and other times, it can be laughable but this time it can make you feel crazy. Here is a new health hack which is taking the Taiwan by storm – The Knife Massage.

History of Knife Massage

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The therapists and masseurs here are chopping off your ache and stress away using a steel meat cleaver or a knife. They will provide you relaxation by putting you under a knife. It sounds terrible, right?

This knife massage is taking the world by storm. The knife massage is not new for Chinese. This is an ancient technique that originated in China 2000 years ago,

Here it’s amazing history that you need to know!

The traditional therapy was used by Buddhist monks to cure illness and dull skin. People in China have been undertaking knife massages since 770 BC-476 BC in the Chinese history. From China, it later got spread to Japan and Taiwan. Back then people used to treat kidney diseases, diabetes, and other mysterious disease with this Knife therapy.

Blades spell magic!

It makes you look beautiful

Initially, you might fear the crazy idea of being subjected to a prickly object but soon you will be daring enough to battle the blows. It looks dangerous no doubt but it doesn’t feel dangerous. And no wonder, the results will be sharper yet tender. Here are few of the healing rewards that can make the uncomfortable method look appealing.

1. It makes your body parts tender, soft and relaxed.
2. The tool reaches deep into the muscles, improves blood circulation and gives you a youthful glow.
3. The therapy also helps unlock your acupuncture points.
4. The knife strikes off negative energy from the body.
5. The thumping process offers immense relief from sore muscles.

What is this technique?

The massage-with-a-knife phenomenon is also called Dao Liao. The steel blade of the knife creates wonders on your skin instead of wounds. And that’s because of the watchful technique they follow.

Notably, the knife is made blunt on a wet stone and then iodine is rubbed all over the blade. The practitioners also go for a heavy-in-weight device that reaches deeper into the tissues without causing a scar or pain. The chopping routine involves using two knives at a go. As per the practitioners, the idea is to transfer the positive energy into client’s mind and body.

We hope some sort of this technique to be introduced in India soon! As it is much needed here!

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