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The new ‘Ford Endeavour’ will be introduced next year in India!

Automobile company Ford will be introducing the new generation Endeavour in second week of January 2016.

The expected date would be 19 January 2016.With this new launch SUV, the American company wants to strike back again into the premium space.

The new Endeavour will be competing against the ‘Captiva’ of Chevrolet and the ‘Fortuner’, of Toyota as the strongest competitor.

The company will be offering the new Endeavour with a choice of two engines. 3.2-litre diesel and 2.2 litre diesel engine.


The power output of 200PS with 470Nm of torque is provided in 3.2 liter diesel engine while, the 2.2-litre engine consists of 160PS and torque consist of 385Nm.

The expected price of the new Endeavour is between Rs 25 – 30 lakhs.

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