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If he text you first in morning, then please marry him!

 Signs that he is only and only yours

He is just thinking about you

 Signs that he is only and only yours:- First thing in the morning, you know he is just thinking of you.

You are yawning. You stumble to the mirror and examine your face, puffy with some sleep. You are also throwing out yesterday’s grounds and setting up the coffeemaker when something dings.

That’s a text message. And you smile, because you know who it is. Because he does it every morning.

 Signs that he is only and only yours
Morning text from him

“hey babe how’d u sleep?”

This is just the man you need in your life.

You are his top priority

First thing in the morning, he thought of you. You are clearly a top priority in his life. Mornings are a busy, blurry time. You are not fully awake yet and you are still struggling to mainline some caffeine so you can start actually thinking.

At the same time, you have 10,000 things to do — starting with the coffeemaker, but including basic cleaning, clothing, and also feeding yourself. Then there is also the mental prep: what time you have to leave the house, how long it will take to commute, what your work day is going to look like, and oh sh*t, you have to pack a lunch.

 Signs that he is only and only yours
You are his top priority

But your guy is not thinking of all this. Instead, his first thought as soon as he wakes up was you. How were you, did you sleep OK, were you happy? You are his number one priority: the main thing you want in a marriage.

The morning texter has all those qualities you want and also seek in a married man. He is about actions, not words (though the words are there; he is not the silent type). He makes you feel loved. He is thereliable one. And most important, you are a top priority in his life. He cares enough about you to text you at 6 AM.

He loves you. Marry the man.

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