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Anushka Pull Off An ‘Aamir’, Poses with Transistor!

Anushka Pull Off An ‘Aamir’, Poses with Transistor!


Anushka pull off an ‘Aamir’, poses with Transistor!


The wait is over! Anuskha Sharma kept her promise to her fans and she finally arrived with her transistor to tickle the fantasy of her fans.


Anushka had recently posted on social networking site Twitter that she would pose with a transistor for a motion poster of the upcoming film PK. This created a furor amongst fans, who were excited to see how she was going to ‘pull it off’.

Anushka pull off an ‘Aamir’, poses with Transistor!

Anushka’s tweet enticing the fans about the poster

Recently, Anuskha Sharma alerted her fans on twitter by stating in a tweeted video “Bahut tukur tukur dekh liya PK ko ab mai aa rahi hu…. Transistor pehnke”


The recently launched poster depicts Anuskha in many avatars but the most eye catching one out of the lot is the one where Anuskha is wearing an over sized Khaki along with the transistor.



‘PK’ is going to release on 19th December, and the movie team is planning to unveil a total of 8 motion posters.


Every time Mr. Perfectionist does something new to promote his movie it starts trending on all the social networks. The poster would also be launched on the messaging app WhatsApp.

Anushka pull off an ‘Aamir’, poses with Transistor!

Aamir’s tweet on Twitter about the poster

After the launch of the poster Aamir Khan twitted, “Ei dekhaha mara Jaggu …. Tranjister ke saath”, Anuskha character’s name in the movie is Jaggu Janani.


Aamir also joins Anushka in the poster posing from inside the jail, riding pillion on a bike, cycling and so on.


There is a lot of confused regarding the characters of Aamir and Anuskha but it is speculated that the transistor is going to play a pivotal role.


It is hard to predict how the movie will fare at the box office, but all we can say is that the posters are really gathering a lot of views. This movie is definitely a must watch.


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