January 2023 Movies: Boost your patriotic fervor this weekend with these Movies

January 2023 movies: Here are the movies to watch this Republic Day and the following weekend.

January 2023 movies: With this republic day weekend  around the corner. Why not utilise your time binge-watching series and movies that boost your patriotism. If you have already completed the old set of films, then it is time to update the list with new ones.

Here are the series and movies you can watch this Republic Day and the following weekend.


After a 4-year-year hiatus, unprecedented breaks, several debates and discussions on a presumably dwindling relevance, all squashed with absolute enthusiasm on January 25 2023. Shah Rukh Khan is finally back on the big screen in the lead role with Pathaan. Not to miss, it garners the highest advanced booking for an outright Hindi movie in history.

Captured, missing and on missions over 4 years, Pathaan, played by Shah Rukh Khan, is called upon by his own brainchild intelligence agency and RAW to return and protect the country from the threats opposed by outfit X. It is a private terrorist organisation that works solely for monetary purposes led by Jim, played by John Abraham.

What is the particular threat against India by Outfit X? How does Pathaan return to the force? How does this dynamic work with Deepika Padukone’s character? Who acts as an essential part of the mission? How does it culminate with an action extravaganza? How Pathaan can combat and nullify the threat hurled at his country forms the storyline of the spy universe film that gets the ball rolling for it to become a full-fledged franchise.

Gandhi Godse – Ek Yudh

Rajkumar Santoshi’s much-awaited film ‘Gandhi Godse – Ek Yudh’ is slated to release on January 26. The movie has sparked controversy across the nation, as it glamorises the conflicts of ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi and Nathuram Godse. Notably, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godse on January 30. However, how much justice the movie does to the complex issue would only come to the fore after its release?


John is packed with another action thriller movie, Tehran. The film is all set to be released on January 26. But to our surprise, beauty queen Manushi Chillar will be suited in a unique avatar.

The movie is based on actual events. However, the makers should have revealed the trailer, storyline, and even plot of the film. Therefore, people expect the story to be highly close to reality.

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Apart from the looks of the main star cast, nothing has been revealed to date. So, watching what Tehran brings to the table will be interesting.

However, if you still want to binge-watch any iconic movies and series this January 26, you can get them here.

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