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Viral Video: Man saved calf from drowning, risked his own life will restore your faith in Humanity!

A man saved Calf’s life, the viral video is winning the internet!

We are living in a world where every then and now we hear cases of animal cruelty. Be it beating a dog to death or exploding in Cow’s mouth, we have seen some horrendous cases in past. But then as they say – Duniya Acche Logon par Hi thiki hai. There are people who work relentlessly towards animal welfare.  Be it rescuing them, feeding them, or giving them an altogether new life, animal lovers never mind going the extra mile to prove their loyalty and love for these voiceless creatures.  Here is a viral video of a man saving a calf’s life, risking his own will restore your faith in humanity.

The video was shared by Facebook page Rescue Mission.  The video has over 7 million views and more than 5k+ comments on the post. In the viral video, one can see that a calf fell into a river, the man jumped into the river and saved his life. The tense scene unfolded in northeastern India on October 4 when a brave young man risked his life to rescue a calf that was swept up in a Choppy river. The incident took place in the Ithai Barrage along the Manipur river. Rescuer Laishram Sanjoy Meetei bravely slips into the river and rescued the calf and we just loved the video.

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 The beautiful video is breaking the internet and people are all hearts for the man who saved the calf’s life.  The video was posted by Rescue Missions. The page has more than 542.3k followers and there are many videos on the page that will melt your heart.

We as human beings often forget that Earth has to be shared with all the creatures.  This heartwarming video is another reminder that humanity does exist and there is no religion above humanity.

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