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Lucknow Traffic System Failure, Violations of Road Markings Continue

To help with traffic flow, the Lucknow Traffic Department marked red lines every 100 meters at the crossings of Awadh (Barabirwa) and Polytechnic. 235 vehicles were charged in September, yet violations continue because of inadequate enforcement.

Lucknow Traffic: Red and Yellow Lines Unheeded, Violations Persist at Crossings

Awadh (Barabirwa) and Polytechnic are two notable crossings where the Lucknow Traffic Department has painted red lines every 100 meters for the loading and unloading of passengers from vehicles like autos, tempos, and other similar vehicles. It was thought that the action would ease the flow of traffic at these two major crossings, which frequently see heavy traffic.

On August 26, the Lucknow traffic department issued the order. The markings are there to encourage cars to stop 100 meters away from the crossing so that passengers may get down and clear the traffic. However, a month after the change, public transportation and the automobiles that use these two crossings continue to violate the law because traffic police are not being vigilant.

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Auto-rickshaws and e-rickshaws could easily be noticed violating the red lines at both crossings to pick up passengers and waiting at the crossing to carry passengers auto rickshaws or e-rickshaws can stop within 100 meters of a crossing. The parking space will be marked off with red and yellow lines. According to Upendra Kumar Agarwal, joint commissioner of police (JCP), law & order, “vehicles will be hauled away if found within 100m of the crossings,” adding that action would be done by Section 127 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

The traffic inspector and sub-inspector appointed for traffic management issued challans as a result of non-compliance with the instructions, according to data from the traffic department. In total, 235 vehicles were charged between September 19 and September 25 for violating the red/yellow line. Out of 235, 124 were issued citations at the Polytechnic, and 111 at the Barabirwa crossing.

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According to Agarwal, it would take time for people to realize this. To inform people of the change, announcements are made often and challans are printed. More of these crossings will be marked in the future to ease traffic congestion.

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