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If you think ‘Life Bahut Difficult Hai’: Read Inspiring Story of Lateesha Ansari, a UPSC aspirant

Lateesha Ansari is an inspiration to millions of youngsters: Know her amazing story!

It’s so easy to give up on things in life. A lot of times we run away from a particular situation just because we can’t handle it. At some point of time in our lives, we all think that Life bahut difficult ho gyi hai. Well, there could be millions of reasons that might be holding you back from achieving your dream, but this woman has proven that if we have determination nothing stand in our way. Meet Latheesha Ansari, an inspiration for millions.

Who is Lateesha Ansari?

Lateesha Ansari, 24 –yr old, is a UPSC aspirant. She is an inspiration for so many young folks out there because her rare borne disorder couldn’t deter her from appearing for the Civil Service exams with external oxygen support.

The 24-year-old woman from Kottayam appeared for the preliminary examination of UPSC on Sunday in Thiruvananthapuram, on her automated wheelchair and her oxygen. She was diagnosed with type 2 Osteogenesis Imperfecta after birth. As she grew up, pulmonary hypertension coupled with her existing rare genetic disorder worsened her condition which in result limited her mobility. She wants to be an IAS officer and wants to serve the nation.

Notably, to support her dream Kottayam District collector PR Sudhir  Babu intervened to provide her with a portable oxygen concentrator free of cost.

Lateesha had been preparing for the Prelims for more than one year. She was accompanied by her father. During an interview with a leading daily, her father said, “ We have spending around 25000 per month her treatment and their so many loans too that need to repaid.” Lateesha has a degree in and chose Malayalam as her optional language.

Apart from here, there was one more student who took the exam and has set an example. Shehin also took the prelims and proved that your determination is everything.  He was born with delayed motor milestones. But that’s not stopping from doing extroridnary things in life.

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