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Chandigarh University VS Students: What is currently happening?

The disparity between Statement of Police and Students has left us baffled. Sach jane bina na failaye fake news 


  • The disparity between Statement of Police and Students
  • What did the police and Chandigarh university authorities say?
  • What are students saying?
  • Statements of people in power
  • #Opinion with the disclaimer

An unfortunate and shameful incident was reported in Chandigarh, where their fellow dorm mate released objectionable videos of around 60 girls. The offensive video went viral on social media, which led to massive protests on the University campus in Mohali.

However, the accused had been arrested, and her confession video is also making rounds on the internet now. As per the reports, 60 girls were shot bathing, and their videos were leaked online. As per the accused confession, she sent them to a boy in Shimla who uploaded those videos on the internet.

The disparity between Statement of Police and Students

Police had taken the accused student into custody. The accused confessed when other girls and the hostel authorities cornered her. Now, police and university statements left everyone baffled.

What did the police and Chandigarh university authorities say?

The police and university have rubbished social media posts claiming several girls attempted suicide after their alleged video went online. Police have called them rumours.

Police and Chandigarh University authority said that the MMS clips were not leaked online. SSP Mohali Vivek Soni said, “So far in our investigation, we have found only one video of the accused herself. She has not recorded any other video of anyone else. Electronic devices and mobile phones have been taken into custody and sent for forensic examination.

All the rumours of objectionable videos shot of other girl students are false and baseless,” RS Bawa, Pro-Chancellor, Chandigarh University, had said.

What are students saying?

Students ended their protest after the district administration and police assured them of a transparent and fair investigation into the allegations.

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However, they have alleged a cover-up by the university authorities. The students at Chandigarh University have refused to accept the police findings that there is no prima facie evidence that the student had taken obscene videos of other women in the hostel bathroom. Students claimed that the administration was trying to cover up the cases of suicides.

Statements of people in power

Punjab education minister Harjot Singh Bains has urged for calm. “No one guilty will be spared. It is a very sensitive matter and relates to the dignity of our daughters and sisters. We all, including the media, should be very cautious; it is also a test of us now as a society, ” he tweeted. Punjab state women commission chairperson Manisha Gulati said an investigation is underway.

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann has ordered a high-level inquiry. The boy, who is a resident of Shimla, was also arrested. A case has been registered under Section 354C of IPC and the IT Act. 23-year-old Sunny Mehta works at a travel agency. Another man who works at a bakery has also been arrested. However, His role is not clear yet.

#Opinion with the disclaimer

All the findings, statements and recordings are not leading to any solid conclusions. Media trials, public judgement and verdicts are already out on the internet. However, we should forget the fundamental human right, “innocent until proven guilty.”

There are many incidents where innocent lives were crushed under false allegations and judgements. Therefore, think before forwarding any misleading information.

Also, One World News does not claim that the arrested people are non-guilty.

The probe is underway, and we should wait for the final verdict of the police and concerned authorities. If the incident proved true, strict actions should be taken against the culprits, and justice should be delivered to the innocent.

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