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Vladimir Putin Urges Stronger Ties with North Korea

Vladimir Putin, in a message to Kim, expresses a strong belief in strengthening bilateral ties for mutual benefit and regional stability, highlighting historical ties and offering well-wishes to North Korea's citizens.

Vladimir Putin urges robust relations with North Korea in a Kremlin message, emphasizing bilateral strengthening for mutual benefit.

Vladimir Putin conveyed in a message to Kim his strong belief that their collaborative efforts would continue to fortify bilateral relations in various aspects, according to a statement from the Kremlin. Putin emphasized that this alignment of interests greatly benefits both nations’ populations while simultaneously contributing to the security and stability of not only the Korean peninsula but also the broader Northeast Asian region.

Soviet recognition of North Korea

Putin made a historical reference to the Soviet Union’s role as the first nation to officially acknowledge North Korea’s regime, underscoring the enduring foundation of friendship, good neighbourly relations, and mutual respect upon which the two countries’ ties have been constructed over the years.

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In closing, Putin extended his sincere wishes for Kim’s well-being and success, extending these sentiments to all citizens of North Korea, with hopes for a future characterized by peace and prosperity.

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