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Rare Spotless Giraffe: USA Tennessee Zoo Raises Concerns

Rare spotless giraffe born in a USA Tennessee zoo attention. The unique birth highlights giraffe conservation challenges, prompting public engagement for naming the calf.

Unique Spotless Giraffe Born in USA Tennessee Zoo: Conservation Concerns Raised as Public Joins in Naming the Rare Calf

A unique event unfolded at Brights Tennessee Zoo in the USA as a spotless giraffe, a rare birth occurrence, was introduced to the public. Born on July 31, this six-foot-tall baby giraffe stands out due to its lack of spots. The zoo reports that the calf is flourishing under the attentive care of its mother. Notably, this solid-coloured reticulated giraffe is believed to be the sole one of its kind globally, as verified by giraffe experts who’ve never encountered such a specimen before. 

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Spotless Giraffe Raises Conservation:

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) acknowledges the reticulated giraffe as one of four distinct species, though it’s labelled as threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature since 2018. The zoo anticipates that this extraordinary birth will shed light on the challenges faced by this species in the wild. 

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Tony Bright, founder of Brights Zoo, hopes that the attention garnered will bolster giraffe conservation efforts, as wild populations face alarming declines. Involving the public, the zoo is currently seeking a fitting name for the unique giraffe from options like Kipekee, Firyali, Shakiri, and Jamella.

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