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Israeli Army Releases Footage Alleging Hostages in Gaza Hospital

Israeli army alleges hostages brought to Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital; conflicting narratives surround the footage amid ongoing conflict with Hamas, resulting in casualties and airstrikes.

Israeli Army claims hostages, including foreign civilians, taken to Al-Shifa; authenticity of footage uncertain

In a distressing incident, the Israeli military has released footage alleging the abduction of hostages, including a Nepalese and a Thai civilian, brought to Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City on October 7. The footage, timestamped between 10:42 a.m. and 11:01 a.m., captures armed Hamas terrorists surrounding the hostages. One is seen injured and carried on a hospital bed, while the other is walking. The authenticity of the footage couldn’t be immediately verified.

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Al-Shifa Hospital: Center of Controversy in Gaza Conflict

Al-Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital, becomes a focal point in subsequent Israeli military operations, with claims that Hamas uses it as a base. However, Hamas and medical staff deny the presence of a command centre in the hospital. The CCTV footage coincides with the day when Hamas gunmen attacked southern Israel, resulting in approximately 1,200 casualties, mostly civilians, and 240 abductions. In the aftermath, Israel has conducted relentless airstrikes, with Gaza officials reporting around 13,000 deaths, predominantly civilians. The situation remains fraught with tension and conflicting narratives amid the ongoing conflict.

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