TVF Series: Laugh and Learn with ‘Who is Your Gynac?’

Enjoy Discover safe healthcare practices in this hilarious TVF series, 'Who is Your Gynac?' Premiering on Amazon miniTV. Get ready to laugh and stay informed!

Who is Your Gynac?: TVF’s Comedy Series Promotes Women’s Health

In a refreshing blend of laughter and myth-busting, Amazon miniTV is set to launch a new web series called “Who’s Your Gynac?” This show promises to entertain and educate, unravelling the experiences of a budding OB-GYN as she navigates the delicate balance between her professional and personal life. Created and produced by The Viral Fever (TVF), the series features Saba Azad, Karishma Singh, and Aaron Arjun Koul in key roles.

“Who’s Your Gynac?” aims to strike a chord with both women and men by highlighting the crucial importance of healthcare. Saba Azad, who plays the goofy yet endearing character Dr. Vidushi, believes the show will resonate with audiences of all ages and genders. She emphasises the significance of spreading a vital message through her character.

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Himali Shah, the director of “Who’s Your Gynac?” expresses immense pride and excitement about this heartfelt narrative. The series focuses on promoting safe health practices for women and delves into the symbiotic relationship they share with their gynaecologists. To ensure accuracy and depth in its portrayal, the TVF team collaborated closely with three reputable gynaecologists during the research phase.

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The show is set to premiere on Amazon miniTV on September 28, offering a fun yet informative journey into the world of women’s health. “Who’s Your Gynac?” promises to engage viewers of all backgrounds, shedding light on the vital topic of healthcare while serving up a hearty dose of laughter along the way. Be prepared to embark on a journey that’s both entertaining and educational, as it explores the quintessential woman’s quest for well-being.

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