Subhash Ghai Expresses Concern Over Talent Shortage in Film Industry

Subhash Ghai expresses concern over a lack of talent in the film industry, despite its growth, emphasizing the need for skilled individuals to create impactful films.

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai voices concern about a talent shortage in the Indian film industry, despite its expansion, leading to a lack of impactful films. He emphasizes the importance of literacy and seizing opportunities.

Recently, acclaimed filmmaker Subhash Ghai celebrated the 30th anniversary of his iconic film, “Khalnayak,” which still holds a special place in the hearts of audiences. While acknowledging this milestone, Ghai couldn’t help but express his concerns about the current state of the Indian film industry.

Despite the industry’s apparent growth, with numerous studios, production houses, and investors entering the scene, Ghai believes there is a critical shortage of talent. He highlights a disheartening trend where, despite the increasing number of films being produced, very few manage to leave a lasting impact on audiences.

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Ghai believes that the entertainment industry is grappling with an insufficiency of skilled professionals to meet the ever-growing demands of the nation. This deficiency has led to the hiring of mediocre individuals, contributing to the prevailing struggle of making films that truly connect with viewers. Ghai challenges the notion that ample talented newcomers are being given opportunities in the industry, stating that even these individuals sometimes fail to deliver successful projects. In such cases, production houses often return to the familiar faces they trust.

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Approximately 70% of the individuals working in the industry, according to Ghai, are essentially on “test and trial.” He underscores that true talent isn’t merely a pipe dream; it’s the ability to leverage one’s skills effectively to create a remarkable creative product.

Ghai doesn’t stop at addressing the dearth of talent; he also draws attention to the illiteracy prevalent among those running the entertainment business. He emphasizes the importance of knowledge and literacy in understanding and excelling in one’s role. He points out that aspiring writers, for instance, need to be well-read, citing Rabindranath Tagore and Shakespeare as examples.

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Shifting the focus to the rise of OTT platforms, Ghai appreciates the opportunities they offer to newcomers in the industry. However, he underscores the need for these budding talents to realize the significance of the platform and the work required to succeed. Ghai encourages aspiring artists not to rest on their laurels but to seize the opportunity presented by OTT platforms to both showcase their talents and contribute to the platform’s growth.

In conclusion, Ghai’s insights shed light on the challenges facing the Indian film industry, from a talent deficit to the need for literacy among professionals. While he recognizes the potential of OTT platforms, he also calls on newcomers to rise to the occasion and make the most of their opportunities.

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