Shahid Kapoor’s Buzz Cut Sparks Speculation, but Not for Haider 2

Shahid Kapoor's recent buzz cut sparked rumours of a Haider sequel, but insiders denied it. The buzz cut is actually for an upcoming thriller titled Koi Shaq.

Shahid Kapoor’s buzz cut ignited Haider sequel speculations, but sources dismissed them. The haircut is for his role as a police officer in the upcoming thriller Koi Shaq.

Shahid Kapoor’s recent buzz-cut photos stirred up a storm of speculation among fans who were quick to draw connections to his iconic look from the 2014 film “Haider.” Social media was abuzz with comments like ‘Haider is back…?’ and ‘The Haider look returns!’ Many began speculating if a sequel was in the works or if Shahid was reprising the role of Haider for another project.

However, insider sources have quashed these rumours, confirming that Shahid’s new look is not related to a “Haider” sequel. According to these sources, had it been for a sequel, shooting would already be underway. Vishal Bhardwaj, the director of “Haider,” is reportedly unavailable for a month due to personal reasons, making a sequel production impossible at this time.

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Shahid Kapoor's New Look Reminds The Internet Of "Haider Supremacy"

Moreover, the idea of a “Haider” sequel faces another hurdle: the original film was a modern-day adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” with a definitive ending. This creative interpretation leaves little room for a direct sequel, according to industry insiders.

Instead, it has been revealed that Shahid Kapoor’s buzz cut is for an upcoming thriller titled “Koi Shaq.” This film, directed by Malayalam filmmaker Rosshan Andrrews and produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur, will commence shooting in October. Shahid will play a feisty police officer working on a high-profile case, prompting a radical change in his appearance to suit the character’s requirements.

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In summary, while fans may have yearned for a “Haider 2,” Shahid Kapoor’s buzz cut has been unveiled as preparation for a completely different project, “Koi Shaq,” where he’s set to take on the role of a determined law enforcement officer in a high-stakes thriller. The idea of a sequel to “Haider” remains unlikely due to the film’s Shakespearean roots and the creative direction of the original.

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