Nishant Dahiya: Delhi’s Love for Laphing in MKT

Discover Nishant Dahiya's Delhi Connection through Laphing, Laughter, and More.

Exploring the Flavors and Memories of Delhi with Nishant Dahiya

Meet Nishant Dahiya, a Delhi guy who loves spending time with his family in the city. But before that, he can’t resist indulging in some laphing, laughter, and shopping at Majnu Ka Tila (MKT). Nishant, known for his roles in Bollywood films, takes us on a trip down memory lane to this vibrant market in north Delhi, which is rich in Tibetan and Nepali influences.

Nishant reminisces, “Majnu Ka Tila (MKT) is just as I remember it from my college days. The market has its classic vibe, with the same feel and look. While momos were the star back then, you now find laphing and boba tea everywhere. But the essence of the monastery and the market remains unchanged. I have a great time laughing and enjoying laphing in MKT!”

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Food Holds Memories

Nishant isn’t a foodie, but he cherishes the memories associated with it. “I’ve grown up savoring Northeast cuisine – momos, thukpa, and laphing – as my father was posted here, and I roamed around this place since my childhood. My connection to MKT from my college days harks back to my childhood. Delhi, for me, is all about food and love. I remember late-night trips to Connaught Place for milkshakes and the dosa center in RK Puram. To this day, my brother and I stop at the same spot we used to have paan years ago when we’re on our way from Dhaula Kuan to Vasant Kunj. Food, like music, connects me to good times and good vibes. I get my love for food from my mother. She loves to cook and relish food, and she often tells me to get momos or ram laddoo when I’m in Mumbai. She calls me to order her food in Delhi!”

Shopping Spree in Delhi

Nishant loves street shopping in Delhi. He fondly recalls, “During my college days in Kurukshetra, I frequently visited MKT and Sarojini Nagar market to eat and shop. My brother, who is in the Army, always accompanied me. We used to buy lots of sneakers, tees, and pajamas. I could always find lowers that fit me perfectly in the street markets of Delhi.”

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A Delhiite in Mumbai

Despite living in Mumbai, Nishant’s heart remains in Delhi. He shares a hilarious incident, “I’m known to be a buddy to everyone. Once, a friend told me about his friend from Dehradun who was visiting him in Mumbai. The guy was planning to go to Pune that night. I, being a typical Delhiite, said, ‘Why go now? Go in the morning! It’s 6 am; come to my place.’ He ended up staying for four months! He became like a brother to my brother. I don’t think anyone has seen this Delhi-style camaraderie in Mumbai.”

Meet Pushee, the Cat

Nishant is a big animal lover. He shared, “I have seven pets (cats and dogs) at my parents’ home in Vasant Kunj. I adore animals. In Mumbai, where I’m busy with work, I feed around 20 stray cats. They all respond to the names I’ve given them. I met a cat in MKT, and I’ve named her Pushee. I’ll definitely come back to see her soon.”

Delhi Nostalgia

Having lived in different parts of the city, Nishant has a lot of nostalgia for Delhi. “I’m a true Delhi boy,” he says. On his last trip, he revisited the house in East Kidwai Nagar where he spent his childhood. It was a sentimental journey for him. Unlike the changes he saw in his childhood home, the nostalgia of MKT remains intact, which is why he loves returning here.

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