Gulshan Devaiah: Thriving in the OTT Era

Gulshan Devaiah thrives in the OTT era, embracing versatility and authentic character interpretation, while also working in cinema, appreciating the opportunities OTT has opened for him.

Gulshan Devaiah: Flourishing in the OTT Era with Versatility and Authentic Character Interpretation

Gulshan Devaiah, known for his remarkable performances in both films and OTT, believes that the rise of OTT platforms has empowered storytellers and created more opportunities for actors. He appreciates the scope for experimentation and catering to diverse audiences that OTT offers. Despite being associated with OTT projects, he remains unaffected by the “OTT actor” tag, as he continues to work in both cinema and digital platforms. Gulshan acknowledges that some actors might be affected by such labels, but he’s enjoying the doors that OTT has opened for him.

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Numbers Matter for OTT Success

Regarding the importance of numbers in the OTT space, he understands that views play a significant role in measuring success and gaining attention. While he doesn’t particularly subscribe to the numbers game, he recognizes it as part of the strategy to promote and market projects effectively.

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Gulshan Devaiah enjoys challenging himself with diverse characters on OTT, emphasizing that experimentation should stem from genuine interest rather than just doing something novel. He believes that it’s about providing a unique interpretation of a character, as he did with his role as a cop named Devilal in “Dahaad.” He takes pride in bringing a different perspective to his characters and appreciates how his approach has shaped his career as an actor.

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