Superb! Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra are highly compatible, Celebrity Astrologer predicts 90% Compatibility!

Komal Pandey & Siddharth Batra are highly compatible and are a match made in heaven, celebrity astrologer predicts ‘Happy Married Life’


  • Komal Pandey is intuitive & sensitive
  • They both consciously work on making things work.
  • Astrologer predicts 90 % compatibility

Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra are highly compatible : We are back! Komal Pandey is one of the most loved fashion influencers of India. With more than 1 million followers on Instagram, she is loved and adored by many.  Komal has always been vocal about her personal life. She believes in being authentic and real.  In one of her interviews, she addressed how heartbreak changed her as a person. Well, currently she is in a happy space professionally as well personally. She is dating Siddharth Batra and both never fails to give us couple goals on social media.

During an interview Siddharth revealed that lockdown acted as a catalyst in their relationship. The duo met in the year 2018 but Komal was seeing someone else back then. They remained acquaintances for a long time but never lost touch and then destiny played its game. In the year 2020, they made their relationship official. Their fans love their chemistry and want them to get married ASAP. So on Janta Ki demand, here we are with the predictions by our celebrity astrologer Poonam Gaur.

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Poonam Gaur revealed that they will enjoy great compatibility. Both of them respect each other and believe in solving things. They like to keep unnecessary drama at bay and discuss issues whenever required. According to their Kundlis, they are highly compatible and their relationship is full of love, support and respect.


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She said, “Komal is quite expressive and communicates her feelings without mincing her words. She is sensitive and intuitive, she likes to keep her circle small. Komal is deeply attached to her mother and her partner.”

Our astrologer also revealed that a long and successful career is waiting for her. She can execute any plan with a lot of ease. She is going to make a lot of money in the coming years. Komal is caring, nurturing and a family person. She will become a very good mother.  But sometimes she goes into self –doubt. In that case, Siddharth balances the situation by being her friend and biggest supporter.

Our celebrity astrologer revealed Siddharth is expressive and he is an extrovert. He loves Komal with all his heart and never leaves a chance to make her feel special. He is doing well in his career and he is a highly creative person.  Siddharth is a very balanced and self – motivated person. He loves his space but never runs away from his responsibility.

But sometimes he gets hard himself when things don’t work out according to him. She said that’s the area he should work on.

In a nutshell, they will get along very well. They balance each other and bring out the best in each other.  Poonam Gaur revealed that they complete each other and support each other as well.

We wish the couple all the love and happiness! Meanwhile, if you want us to come up with some more predictions. Write to us at Parul.Srivastava@oneworldnews.com

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