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Komal Pandey on Forbes: Thank you Komal for restoring our faith in Dreaming Big

Komal Pandey on Forbes: Her inspiring journey is a reminder that ‘Sapne Poore Hote Hai’


  • Komal Pandey is truly an inspiration
  • Her appearance on Forbes is a gentle reminder that we should always dream big!

Komal Pandey gets a feature on Forbes and here is why we are super proud of her?

Fashion Influencer Komal Pandey doesn’t need any introduction today. Her fans have literally seen her growing.  She started fashion blogging in the year 2012 with the name College Couture. In 2017, she joined youtube, and since then she never looked back. With more than 1 million followers on instagram, she enjoys a huge fandom among young women. Recently, she got a feature in Forbes magazine and it is a gentle reminder for all of us – Ki Sapne Tabhi Poore Hote when we dare to dream.

Komal is quite passionate about her work. She unabashedly owns her unconventional styles and inspires through the process and that’s what makes her best from the rest. If you are someone who has been following her work for a long time or have seen her grow, here are a few things that you will relate to.  Komal is a complete package and she inspires us in many ways. From showing us how consistency can take you to heights to speaking her heart out on relationships and vulnerability, Komal always manages to hit the right chord.

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Komal and her journey

Komal was born and brought up in Delhi. She earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Shahid Bhagat Singh College.  Behind her fame are a lot of hard work, passion and consistency. She was a normal college goer who decided not to give up on her dreams and she is on Forbes. Her Journey is a gentle reminder that no matter who you are, or where you come from, you can always turn the tables.

Here is why we are super proud of her?

Komal taught us Acceptance

Be it talking about her failed relationships, anxiety to even body shaming, she has taught us that acceptance is bliss. Once you accept yourself the way you are, miracles happen. You discover a new version of yourself that you even didn’t know existed.

She has normalized failure

It’s okay to fail in life. You can’t win all the time. She has proved that everyone has their own journey and instead of focusing on other’s journeys, it is important to focus on yourself and make the most of it.  One should focus on the process instead of the result.

Komal proved taking risks could be a game-changer!  

She gained a lot of fame while she was working for Popxo but she was not happy. She decided to quit the job (mind you she loved it with all her heart) and went on to start her own youtube channel. She took the risk at the right time. Sometimes taking risks can change your life forever.


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Your Junoon aka Passion will make big opportunities knock on your door

When you work passionately, your hard work pays off. If you closely observe Komal’s videos, you will find her practising her moves, checking her shots and sitting with the editing team as well. This shows how passionate she is about her work.

As per reports, Komal Pandey’s net worth stands at $ 4 million which is Rs. 30 crores in Indian rupees. She charges 3.15 lakh for brand endorsements. Her journey is quite impressive and inspiring. She has proved that you can do it if you truly want it.  Thank you, Komal for being so authentic and real. One World News wishes you a lot of happiness and success.

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