Anurag Kashyap’s Daughter Faces Body-Shaming

Anurag Kashyap's Daughter Aaliyah candidly discusses her struggles with weight gain and body image, promoting empathy and self-acceptance in a recent podcast episode.

Anurag Kashyap’s Daughter Opens Up About Weight Struggles and Self-Acceptance on Podcast

Anurag Kashyap’s daughter has been known for her candidness in sharing her life experiences. Aaliyah, alongside her fiancé Shane Gregoire, co-hosts a podcast called ‘Opposites Attract,’ where they engage in conversations about various aspects of life, including relationships and personal struggles. In a recent episode titled ‘Exposing Our Insecurities,’ Aaliyah opened up about her struggles with weight gain, self-esteem, and the impact these issues have had on her mental health.

One of the key topics Aaliyah discussed was her battle with weight gain and body image. She disclosed that despite her best efforts to gain weight, it had proven to be a significant challenge for her. This struggle was not unique to her, as she revealed that her mother, Aarti Bajaj, had faced similar issues when she was younger, highlighting the hereditary aspect of weight problems in their family. Aaliyah shared, “I used to eat a lot, and I always wanted to put on weight because I was scary skinny. No matter how much I ate, I couldn’t put on weight, and my mom used to be like that when she was younger too. So I knew it was kind of genetic.”

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Antidepressants and Weight Gain

Aaliyah also touched upon the emotional toll of her weight gain journey, particularly when she began taking antidepressants. She disclosed that she had gained around 12 to 13 kilograms in the past year and a half due to this medication. The weight gain brought about unwelcome comments and judgments from others, including a hurtful encounter with her “massage lady” who bluntly remarked, “Oh my God, you have become fat since the last time I saw you!” This incident deeply affected Aaliyah, and she tearfully recalled lying on the massage table, feeling overwhelmed by the comments.

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However, Aaliyah emphasized that she has since undergone a positive transformation in her mindset. She acknowledged that when she initially gained weight and faced criticism, it felt like the end of the world. Yet, she has now adopted a healthier perspective. She expressed, “Now I’m in the mindset that if I’m not happy about it, I’m gonna change it in a healthy way. Obviously, I’m still insecure, but I’m in a healthier mindset about it.”

Inspiring Self-Acceptance

In sharing her journey of self-acceptance and resilience, Aaliyah Kashyap not only sheds light on the challenges of body image and weight gain but also offers hope and inspiration to others grappling with similar issues. Her openness contributes to breaking down stigmas surrounding mental health and self-esteem, promoting conversations that encourage understanding and empathy.

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