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Holi 2019: How to keep hair damage at bay?

Holi 2019: Keep your hair damage free with these tips and tricks

A week before Holi, the colorful vibes can be felt well. Time to binge on some mouth-watering sweets, thandai, splash colored powder, water balloons, singing and dancing while chanting “Holi Hai” is what we are waiting for. Holi 2019 is around the corner and its preparations are in full swing. But Holi colors badly damage your skin and hair.

Expensive spa treatment is not just the solution we are talking for the post-Holi damages to our hair. Not everybody can afford it. Here are some simple and easily accessible measures to protect your hair this Holi.

Hydration is the Key

Both for hair and skin Hydration works really well, focusing on hair we have a lot of doubt. Since Holi deals with both Abeer and watercolors, there is the scope of damage for sure. In that case, oiling is the savior. If we talk about any specific seed extract or oil then surely coconut oil is leading with millions of benefit. It enriches the hair roots and hydrates the hair tips too. In pre-Holi preparation, do not forget to massage your hair with coconut oil.

Avoid hair color and highlights

People who are willing to style their hair with fancy and bright colors take a moment to control hair damage this Holi. Highlights and hair color should be avoided during Holi. Else, your hair can badly suffer.

  Get a Hairdo before

Many of us have split ends problem so we need to clear that out before Holi. Split ends in Holi can cause further damage leading to prolonged issues.

 Protect it before a color war

While stepping in the color zone make sure you get the final touch up for your hair using leave-in conditioners so that the color doesn’t stick to your hair and comes out easily in a wash. Also, one can prepare their own leave-in conditioner with the right blend of mixtures like olive oil with fenugreek seeds extract and aloe vera gel

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Lemon juice

Add the juice of a lemon to a mug of water and use it as a last rinse. This helps to restore the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp.

Dear beer

Beer can also be used well in the last rinse, as it softens and conditions the hair very well. Add the juice of a lemon to the beer, pour over the hair after shampooing. Massage it for a while and then rinse off with plain water.


Holi brings colors to our lives and worries for our skin and hair. But all of us should know the solution to our worries. Both men and women are equally conscious of their hair during Holi. Damaged and frizzy hair is a core problem of Holi. This Holi no more hair issues and no more hair bun rather go swirl it and flaunt it.

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