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Sonia Gandhi’s Pens Down A Letter to PM About 9 Urgent Issues

Sonia Gandhi wrote to PM Modi, highlighting nine critical issues for parliamentary discussion, including the Manipur situation and concerns like rising prices and unemployment.

Sonia Gandhi calls on PM Modi to tackle nine urgent issues in the upcoming parliament session, including Manipur and economic concerns.

Sonia Gandhi has written a letter highlighting nine critical issues that require parliamentary discussion. These include fresh allegations against the Adani Group, rising prices and unemployment, farmers’ demands for increased MSP, the situation in Manipur, growing communal tensions, the necessity for a caste census, China’s occupation of Indian territory, and Center-state relations.

Congress Seeks Answers

As the BJP-led Union government has not disclosed the agenda for the upcoming special session of parliament, the Congress party, along with the I.N.D.I.A. alliance, decided that Sonia Gandhi would write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about these concerns. The letter was sent on Wednesday, emphasizing the importance of addressing these issues in parliament.

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Alliance Backs Congress

The Congress party informed other INDIA alliance members of this decision during a meeting at Mallikarjun Kharge’s house. However, there is a distinction between the Congress party’s position and that of the INDIA alliance. While the Congress party stated that Sonia Gandhi wrote the letter as the Congress Parliamentary Party chairperson and not on behalf of the alliance, the Hindustan Times reported that the decision was supported by all INDIA bloc members.

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Kharge expressed concerns that the Modi government had called a special parliamentary session without disclosing the agenda or consulting with opposition parties, which he deemed undemocratic. He criticized the government for diverting attention from pressing issues like rising prices, unemployment, the Manipur situation, China’s transgressions, CAG reports, scams, and the weakening of institutions. The INDIA alliance is determined to prioritize these people’s concerns during the special session, with the slogan “Bharat Judega, INDIA Jeetega,” as stated by the Congress party president.

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