Mumbai Fire Accident: 50+ Rescued from Kurla Building

In Mumbai Fire Accident at Kurla-west 43 residents suffered from issues due to suffocation and 50+ residents were rescued from the 12-storey building.

Over 50 residents saved from Mumbai fire accident, 43 treated for suffocation; blaze controlled in Kurla-west SRA building.

On Friday night, a Mumbai fire accident unfolded in Kurla-west, leading to the rescue of more than 50 residents from a 12-storey Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) building located opposite Kohinoor Hospital. The BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) disclosed that the fire was primarily contained within the building’s electrical duct, affecting electrical wiring and scrap materials from the ground floor up to the 12th floor.

Medical Response and Discharges

The BMC’s disaster management team swiftly responded to the situation and took care of the 43 residents suffering from suffocation due to the incident. Out of these, 39 were promptly transported to the Rajawadi hospital, while the remaining four were taken to Kohinoor hospital. Subsequently, 29 individuals were admitted for medical attention, with 10 of them choosing to leave against medical advice. Fortunately, the condition of the remaining patients remained stable, and those admitted to Kohinoor Hospital were treated and subsequently discharged.

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Firefighters managed to extinguish the blaze after disconnecting the building’s electrical supply, averting a more significant disaster.

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