Maharashtra Nightmare: Bureaucrat’s Son’s Vicious Attack on Girlfriend Unveils Shocking Reality

A shocking incident unfolds in Maharashtra as a bureaucrat's son, Ashwajit Gaikwad, faces accusations of attempting to harm his girlfriend in a disturbing pre-dawn altercation. Legal proceedings are ongoing for justice.

In a harrowing pre-dawn clash, Ashwajit Gaikwad, son of a top Maharashtra bureaucrat, allegedly attempted vehicular assault on his girlfriend, leaving her injured. 

In the early hours of December 11, a 26-year-old woman faced a traumatic incident near a hotel on Ghodbunder Road in Thane, Maharashtra. The individual responsible for the alleged assault is reported to be Ashwajit Gaikwad, the son of a senior bureaucrat in the state.

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Heated Dispute Escalates: Violent Turn

The unfortunate incident occurred at 4:30 AM when the woman, who had gone to meet Gaikwad, found herself entangled in a heated argument with him. Following the disagreement, as she collected her belongings from Gaikwad’s car and began to leave, the situation took a horrifying turn. The driver of the vehicle, believed to be Gaikwad himself, allegedly attempted to run her down, causing her to fall and sustain severe injuries.

The victim, currently undergoing treatment in a hospital, took to social media to share the distressing details of the incident. However, a senior police official has refuted the claims made by the victim in her online post, asserting that the police have indeed registered the case as per her statement.

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The legal proceedings are underway, with the police having registered a case against Gaikwad and two others under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including charges of voluntarily causing hurt, rash driving, and intentional insult with the intent to provoke a breach of peace. Despite the severity of the accusations, no arrests have been made at this point, emphasizing the ongoing nature of the investigation.

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Injustice Amid Ties: A Call for Equal Justice

This distressing incident serves as a reminder of the challenges individuals face in seeking justice and protection, even in the backdrop of influential familial ties. As the investigation unfolds in Maharashtra, it highlights the importance of a thorough and unbiased legal process to ensure justice prevails, regardless of social status or connections. The incident underscores the significance of creating a society where every individual feels secure and protected, irrespective of their background or affiliations.

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