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Manipur Riots- Yet another Indian state amidst ethnic conflict

The violence in Manipur began on May 3. Clash between the Meitei and Kuki communities has resulted in the deaths of over hundred people, with thousands displaced

Manipur Riots: Clash between communities proved devastating

For a secular state, India doesn’t seem to be very tolerant of any difference at all. The divide between different communities seems to get wider and wider in the country. Mindless violence and killing has now become the new norm in India. 

Manipur Riots: 

The violence in Manipur began on May 3. The Meitei community- the majority community of the state was about to be granted a protected status as a Scheduled Caste. This enraged the minority tribal groups and they began protesting this new proposition. 

This protest soon took a very ugly turn, and as per usual, the innocent people were the first to suffer the most from this violence. This clash between the Meitei and Kuki communities resulted in the deaths of over hundred people, and rendered thousands of people homeless. As per reports, 35,000 people were displaced and over 1,700 houses were destroyed. 

On May 3rd, as a solution to the protest, the government decided to impose restrictions on the internet. Even though this restriction lasted till 31st May, it didn’t seem to put a stop to the violence. 

Compensation for the victims of the Manipur protest: 

The Central and Manipur government have now decided to provide a compensation to the families of the victims of this protest

A compensation of Rs 10 Lakh would be provided to the families of those who were killed in the violence. Along with this, jobs would also be provided to one member from their families. 

In a meeting at Imphal on Monday night between Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Chief Minister N Biren Singh, it was decided that these compensation amounts would be the responsibility of both the Centre and the state government. 

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Attempts at curbing the violence: 

Apart from this compensation, it was also decided at the meeting that a helpline would be established to dispel rumours ad give accurate facts in violence torn Manipur. The Union Home Minister also ordered the supply of essentials such as food, gas, petrol at large quantities at subsidized rates.  

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Shah was accompanied by Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla and the Director of the Intelligence Bureau Tapan Kumar Dek. They will hold meetings with the leaders from both the societies and will make a visit to Churachandpur, the area which saw some of the worst protests last month. 

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