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What urged Mahua Moitra to use a ‘Foul word’ in Parliament?

“I’ll call an apple an apple, not an orange,” says Mahua Moitra

Mahua Moitra, a member of the Trinamool Congress, refused to apologise on being asked on Wednesday for the comments she made in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday during the Budget session. She was heard using the foul word “H*r#mi” in a popular video while Telugu Desham Party lawmaker Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu was speaking.

Members of the BJP demanded her apologies after the comment, which was removed from the records of the house. I’m rather astonished that the BJP is teaching us parliamentary etiquette, Moitra said when speaking to the reporters outside of the Parliament.

“The BJP’s argument that I shouldn’t use such a word as a woman makes me chuckle. Do I need to be a man to be able to give it back as good as it gets? So there’s patriarchy,” the TMC leader continued, noting that despite being asked for protection “five times” after allegedly being “heckled” by a Delhi representative, the Chairperson of the Lok Sabha session was “unable” to give it to her.

“I’ll call an apple an apple, not an orange… if they’ll take me to the privileges committee, I’ll put my side of the story…,” Moitra said.

She also seems adamant about her abusive remark in parliament, which is evident from her tweet.

Hardeep Singh Puri, the minister for housing and urban affairs, used an “absolutely offensive word” to describe Dr Santanu Sen, a Rajya Sabha member from West Bengal, in the Rajya Sabha, according to Moitra. This is not the first incident of expletives or foul language being used in the Parliament, she continued.

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Meanwhile, BJP MP Hema Malini, said, “They should control their tongue and not get over-excited and emotional. Every member of Parliament is a respectable person.”

Pralhad Joshi, a senior leader of the BJP and the Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, stated that he will speak with the TMC leader in the Lok Sabha in the meantime “I would ask them to apologise but if she doesn’t, then it’s their culture,” Joshi said.

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