Delhi Airport: Dual Plane Crisis Averted

Narrow escape at Delhi airport as two planes were allowed to take off and land simultaneously. Swift pilot intervention and adherence to safety procedures averted a potential disaster.

Narrow Escape At Delhi airport: Dual Plane Crisis Averted through Swift Pilot Action and Safety Adherence

A potentially serious incident was narrowly avoided at Delhi airport on Wednesday when a Vistara Airlines plane was cleared for takeoff while another plane had just landed. According to a senior airport official, the pilot on the taxiway promptly informed Air Traffic Control (ATC), leading to the takeoff being aborted.

The incident involved Vistara flight UK725 departing for Bagdogra from the newly inaugurated runway, while a Vistara flight arriving from Ahmedabad to Delhi was taxiing on the same taxiway.

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Swift Intervention from Pilot :

The pilot of the Ahmedabad-Delhi flight noticed the impending takeoff and immediately alerted the ATC. The Bagdogra-bound flight returned to the parking area after the takeoff was halted. To ensure sufficient fuel for the potential return due to adverse weather in Bagdogra, the aircraft was refueled. The plane’s braking system was also examined.

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Critical Aviation Safety:

Airport authorities underscored the gravity of the situation, explaining that if the takeoff had not been stopped promptly, a serious incident could have occurred. According to the established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), no aircraft or vehicles are permitted to move during takeoff and landing procedures.

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