Delhi Airport Upgrades: Elevated Taxiways, 4th Runway Inaugurated

The Aviation Minister inaugurated Delhi Airport's elevated taxiways and the 4th runway, marking a significant milestone in the airport's modernization and improved operational capabilities.

Delhi Airport’s Modernization: Aviation Minister Inaugurates Elevated Taxiways and 4th Runway for Enhanced Operations.

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia inaugurated dual elevated Eastern Cross Taxiways (ECT) and fourth runway at Delhi’s IGIA. These elevated taxiways aim to reduce tarmac time and enhance operational efficiency at India’s largest airport.

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Delhi Airport’s Elevated Taxiways:

The 2.1-kilometre-long Eastern Cross Taxiways are designed to reduce passengers’ tarmac time after landing and before takeoff. Notably, the airport will be the only one in India to feature an elevated taxiway with roads passing beneath it. The ECT connects the northern and southern airfields on the eastern side of the airport, offering a shorter taxiing distance of seven kilometers for aircrafts. It can accommodate wide-body planes such as the A-380, B-777, and B-747.

With the addition of the fourth runway, the airport now boasts four operational runways: RW 09/27, RW 11R/29L, RW 10/28, and RW 11L/29R. These enhancements aim to enhance operational efficiency and facilitate smoother air traffic movement.

Airport Modernization Efforts:

The Indira Gandhi International Airport is operated by the Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL), a consortium led by GMR Airports Infrastructure Ltd. The modernization initiatives, including the elevated taxiways and additional runway, are part of ongoing efforts to upgrade and expand the airport’s infrastructure to meet the growing demands of air travel in the region.

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Airport Expansion Milestone:

The new facilities will contribute to reducing congestion, improving passenger experience, and accommodating a larger volume of aircraft movements. The inauguration of the elevated taxiways and fourth runway marks a significant milestone in the continuous development and modernization of Delhi’s bustling airport.

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