5 Reasons to Binge-watch Broken But Beautiful Season 2 this weekend!

Broken But Beautiful S2 Review: You can fake it to World, not to yourself & that’s the beauty of true love!

Broken But Beautiful season 2 started streaming from November 27 and guess what? The second season is super–relatable just like the first one. Sameera and Veer are back to teach you an important lesson – “You can fake it to the World, not to yourself & that’s the beauty of true love.” Harleen Sethi as Sameera shines bright and Vikrant Massey as Veer is simply too pleasant to be ignored.  Songs from the series are already ruling our playlist these days. Be it Boureya, Sajana, Shaamyein or Teri Hogiyaan all are a  treat to our ears. In the era of remakes, the fresh compositions are a boon. If you haven’t watched the series, here are five reasons why you should binge-watch it this weekend!   Well, we binge-watched the series and here are 5 major learnings from this season.

5 major learnings from season 2, take a look!

1. Sister Over Mister formula always works! Agni & Porno deserves applause

Agni, Porno and Sameera’s friendship reminds us that #SistaoverMista formula always works. You need girlfriends so that they can help you get rid of all the mess around you. They had ugly fights but Sameera always had Porno and Agni’s back! We all need someone who can say “Hum Sambhal lenge.”

2. Moving on is an ‘Achievement’

Not everybody is a pro at moving on. Some people are sensitive; they take a lot of time to move on. It is actually an achievement. It feels light when you bounce back after a rough phase; you find happiness everywhere, and stop revisiting past.

3. Fiercely guarding heart is okay! People are scared of pain

People who fiercely guard their hearts are actually not afraid of love, they are afraid of pain. They are scared of getting hurt again. It’s okay to guard your heart. After all, it needs someone who can heal it, the way Veer’s heart healed Sameera’s heart!

4. Sometimes a broken relationship is far better than a forced one

This was the most beautiful dialogue of the entire season. Kartik and Sam’s relationship actually improved after separating. In fact, it was Kartik who took  Sameera to Veer after she calls off her wedding.

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5 Finally, “You can fake it to the world but you can’t fake it to yourself and that’s the beauty of True Love.”

The season finale sums up with a note, “You can fake it to everyone around you, but you can’t fake it to yourself and that is the beauty of True Love.” Sameera tries hard to get over Veer, she pretends to be happy, she went on to marry Ahaan, but one thing she forgets that her heart belongs to Veer. One can have dozens of causal relationships,  but once you fall in true love, there is no escape.

We rate the series 3.5 stars. The series is highly recommended for this weekend! It is available on Alt Balaji App & Zee 5. It’s worth watching, you can thank us later!

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