Harleen Sethi, the ‘Divine Diva’ will be back as Sam & we can’t keep calm!

Harleen Sethi, a girl with a contagious smile will be back as Sam from Nov 26 to teach us some major lessons on love & life

After the grand success of the first season of Broken But Beautiful, the markers are back with the second season that will start streaming from November 26. Broken But Beautiful is the story of Veer and Sameera. It is the story about the love that heals the heart not breaks it. Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi were terrific in the series. Their chemistry was ooolalala. The last season of the series garnered a lot of views and was loved by millennials.  Series was a super hit and for us the star was ‘Sameera’ aka Harleen Sethi. Vikrant Massey is a phenomenal actor and matching his acting skills could have only been done by Harleen Sethi. The new season will start streaming from November 26 on the Alt Balaji app, and we can’t keep calm!

The trailer and the songs of the web series already have all our hearts. They are nothing less than a treat to the ears. Harleen just nailed has Sameera in the last season. Her emotional turmoil, her efforts to stay normal after the breakup, her confused feelings about Veer, and her decision to take time to think over Veer, was so relatable. All the emotions hit the chord right.

Here are the 5 things that made Sameera super –relatable and we loved Harleen doing justice to it!

1. Crying over a person you loved like crazy is okay!

In the world of social media, people have the tendency to quickly move on! But it is completely fine to cry for a person whom you loved by all your heart. Sameera taught us some people are over-sensitive and they take time to heal.

2. Revisiting your past memories is normal

How can you forget a person who meant the world to you in just 2 days? Revisiting your past once in a while is completely fine.

3. Being Emotionally Vulnerable is not a sin!

Not everybody in this world is emotionally independent. It was super relatable.  Being emotionally vulnerable is not sin & it is not a weakness.

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4. Rebound should not be an option

Opting rebound to get over someone should never be on your list. It will come out as more destructive. You should rather give yourself a little bit of time.

5. Furry Friends help you to heal, love them unconditionally

Remember Sam had a pet called Karma in the first season? She was a Vet in the series and delivered some heart touching dialogues on abandoning pets and human relationships! Furry friends actually stay by your side no matter what. Investing them is a good idea, they help you to heal.

We expect the second season will be more engaging than the first season! We are super excited to watch Harleen as Sam because she was so on point in the last season! Do not forget the new season will stream from November 26, 2019.

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