The Rise of Autonomous Vehicles: Advancements and Challenges

The ethical dilemma in Autonomous Vehicles is the biggest issue and challenge. Can it be our future?

Are Autonomous Vehicles the Future?

The technological advancement in the world has really set us and humankind 20 years ahead. The automobile industry has seen some of the best innovations- from hybrid cars to autonomous vehicles. However, these innovations also come with a set of challenges along with opportunities. So, can Autonomous Vehicles be the future? Can we really have driverless cars and let technology take over our roads?

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Some of the advancements made by autonomous vehicles are

  1. A very advanced sensor technology- These vehicles can now easily detect if someone is in their way when they have to take a left or right and interpret their surroundings accurately. 
  2. Advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning has also helped these autonomous vehicles in making real-time decisions, learning from human experiences and improving their driving capabilities.
  3.  Over time, autonomous vehicles have become extremely well-connected and have advanced safety and security mechanisms. 
  4. Companies that are working on autonomous vehicles have taken extra steps in ensuring various simulations and tests to validate the autonomous vehicles before deploying them in the real world. 
  5. Governments worldwide are also trying to make regulatory frameworks to guide the usage of autonomous vehicles. This is extremely important as it is an area that has not been explored before and definitely requires some sort of legal framework. 

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The challenges for autonomous vehicles are 

  1. The liability and legality issues- Who becomes responsible in case of accidents of autonomous vehicles? This is one of the biggest questions that has not been answered when it comes to autonomous vehicles. 
  2. There is also a safety concern for passengers, pedestrians, and otherwise when it comes to autonomous vehicles. 
  3. As these autonomous vehicles are completely based on technology and connectivity, their dependence on the Internet can be a major downturn for them. This opens them to various cybersecurity threats, and these can easily be hacked and potentially see data breaches. 
  4. Autonomous vehicles are also expensive, making it questionable if they can be used for mass production. Though industries are trying very hard to build the infrastructure, it cannot be said that we do have enough infrastructure to take care of these autonomous vehicles. 
  5. Driving can be difficult, so in such cases, we are not sure if autonomous vehicles can take into account the weather conditions, environmental factors, and complex urban environments into play when driving. 
  6. The biggest problem with autonomous vehicles is the ethical dilemmas. When the vehicle, which has not been driven by a human, has to make a life or death decision or if it should avoid an unavoidable accident, ethics come into play. This is a big question for the future of autonomous vehicles. 

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