Which Is Faster? Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Vs Ninja 650

It often can be hard to decide between these two motorcycle models: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R and Ninja 650. Each of the bikes have their own specific strength and benefits.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Vs Ninja 650: Which Is Faster?

If you enjoy riding motorcycles, you are aware of how difficult it may be to select the ideal vehicle. Performance of the engine, design, price range, and most significantly, your riding style, are all factors to take into account. Presently creating a lot of excitement are the 2023 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R and Ninja 650 motorcycles. What distinguishes them?

We will discuss this here today!

The Ninja ZX-4R is a liquid-cooled inline four engine giving out about 45-50 horsepower with 100 horsepower/liter. This is a 5% increment in power compared to the Ninja 650 which has achieved this figure with an inline 4 cylinder liquid-cooled engine that produces an easy-going 67 horsepower. If speed is your driving ambition then pick out the Ninja ZX-4R. Breaking down these compound words can lead us to better understanding. Nevertheless, Ninja 650 comes in a better fit to deal with the vibration from the criss-cross design and is more suitable for long distance rides.

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Design and Ergonomics –

The design of Hawk 900 is different and much more aggressive than that of the Ninja 650. To provide extra comfort, it has an electric folding seat and the length of the aircraft is also relatively short in look making it so sporty. The Ninja 400 is ahead of the Ninja 650 in this regard as the handle bars clip-on and position lower than the Ninja 650 allows the height of the seating to be increased. This provides an aggressive riding position.Besides, the Ninja 650 by contrast provides a more relaxed riding position with a handlebar raised for a 2-seater purpose. In particular when long distance rides require your to ride on the highway, you would enjoy the Ninja 650’s upright riding position more as compared to other bikes.

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Front brake and suspension –

These bikes will share a front suspension system but has different dragging mechanisms. The sporty theme of Ninja ZX-4R can be found in the 310 mm disc brakes located on both front and back with the aggressive monobloc calipers, indicating its high level of control and safety, while the Ninja 650 comes with the single 300 mm disc brake, which is pretty similar to that of the Ninja ZX-4R. The Ninja ZX-4R also has the latest electronic rider aids including the Quick Shifter, traction control, and multiple riding modes which ensure a quicker, easier, and safer ride. Absence of these beams can be found only on the Ninja 650. Hence, you should select the Ninja ZX-4R if you are searching for the motorcycle with the modern technology and full performance capabilities.

It often can be hard to decide between these two motorcycle models: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R and Ninja 650. Each of the bikes have their own specific strength and benefits. If the fastest bike and the one with the greatest power is what you need, then the Ninja ZX-4R should qualify you for such adventure.

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