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3 Deaths in Tacoma Listeria Outbreak Due to Contaminated Milkshakes

Tacoma Listeria outbreak in burger restaurant claims 3 lives; contaminated milkshakes from uncleaned ice cream machines. Urgent medical attention is advised for those exposed between May 29 and August 7.

3 Deaths in Tacoma Listeria Outbreak Linked to Contaminated Milkshakes, Frugals Takes Measures, Urgent Alert Issued

A Tacoma listeria outbreak at a family-run burger restaurant in Washington has resulted in three deaths. On August 18, the Washington State Department of Health confirmed that listeria bacteria were present in all milkshake flavours sold at Frugals Burger restaurant in Tacoma. The outbreak caused six hospitalizations and three fatalities among individuals aged 40 to 79. 

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Ice Cream Machines Cause Contamination:

The source of the contamination was traced to ice cream machines that were not properly cleaned. The affected restaurant stopped using the machines on August 8, but listeria symptoms can appear up to 70 days after exposure. Those who consumed milkshakes at Frugals Tacoma between May 29 and August 7 were urged to seek medical attention if experiencing symptoms, particularly if pregnant, elderly, or immunocompromised. 

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Listeria Outbreak Response:

Listeriosis symptoms include fever, muscle aches, diarrhoea, and vomiting. The same strain of listeria was identified in all hospitalized cases. Frugals Tacoma expressed remorse for the outbreak and is cooperating with health authorities. The restaurant chain is taking measures to clean and sanitize equipment, and its other locations have temporarily halted milkshake production.

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