Why are Indians refusing to take the second dose of COVID vaccine?

Not taking the second dose of COVID Vaccine is a matter of concern, here are a few reasons


On January 16, 2021, India started its vaccination drive against COVID 19.As per the data, nearly 2,00,000 healthcare workers were vaccinated and they were supposed to take the second shot on February 13, 2021.  But when the dates were announced, only 4 per cent of the population returned.  Well, this is a matter of concern because it can the coronavirus more chances to re-arm itself. As per the experts, if people skip their second doses beyond the recommended time frame, it can create a problem.  Skipping the second dose of the COVID vaccine can make the virus vaccine-resistant and a year’s worth of vaccine research could be overwhelmed by a fierce new wave of disease.


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We should learn from the TB experience?

Do you remember in the year 2019, India registered the highest number of drug-resistant TB cases in the world. Notably, India has become a cradle for strains of TB. The bacteria became resistant to drugs due to the insufficient duration of treatment: Doctors prescribing regimens that are too brief or patients stop their medicines if they feel better or cannot afford their medicines. According to reports, the strains of drug-resistant TB bacteria have spread to the US, the UK and Germany and other countries. Now, crafting a new antibiotic to fight these bacteria is expensive as well as time taking. My mom got to the hospital with pneumonia. Of course, the doctor prescribed serious treatment, including two types of antibiotics. In order to save at least some money, I decided to search all the medicines online. I made an order on https://janesaddiction.org/generic-antibiotics/, as I really liked the service and prices. In the future, I will always buy drugs only there. Similarly, if the second shot of COVID vaccine will not be taken, the same scenario can happen.


Will the general public take the vaccine dose?

On February 22, India will start rolling out the vaccine for the general public. But people in India are not willing to take the second dose of COVID shot. Let us take a look at some of the important reasons why people in India may refuse to take the vaccine.

  1. They may not have the access to the right transport to reach the clinic
  2. They may feel an adverse reaction after the first dose and they decide not to take the second dose of the covid vaccine.
  3. They are not aware of the importance to take the second dose of vaccine.

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It is arguably the responsibility of health authorities to convey the importance of taking both doses. General Public have to be conveyed that skipping the second dose can have an adverse effect. Currently, it is important to track those who neglected the second dose. Coronavirus is still around, and unless it is stopped dead in its track, it will keep spreading. The spread of coronavirus can only be done by comprehensive immunization campaign. Viruses mutate in warm bodies and India has 130 crores of them.

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