Treat Hypertension by Healthy Lifestyle

Hypertension is a rising concern across the world. The day-to-day stress and anxiety are probably the causative factors.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is making efforts to create awareness for the lethal impacts of the high blood pressure. According to WHO one out of every three adults is diagnosed with high blood pressure. Rising blood pressure accounts for around 9.4 million deaths annually across the world.

WHO, has issued certain healthy guidelines for the people to follow to keep their blood pressure under control. Eating less salt, avoiding smoking, alcohol, tobacco and second hand smoke are some of the healthy habits to adopt.

Treat Hypertension by Healthy Lifestyle

Shin Young-soo, the Regional Director for Western Pacific, WHO, Manila mentioned, “Recently, WHO and its member states committed themselves to reducing premature deaths from these diseases by 25 percent by 2025. I’m confident that we’ll succeed, but only if we get high blood pressure under control. Everybody needs to be part of the solution. Governments have especially important roles to play. But it all starts with individuals and families.”

High blood pressure is regarded as the silent killer. People hardly realize that they are having high blood pressure as no actual predictable symptoms are noticed. Hypertension is also not limited to any specific age group or sex.

Gerry Bleakney, the head of Health and Social Wellbeing Improvement, PHA, was of the opinion: “The good news is that, once detected, high blood pressure can be successfully managed, either by making lifestyle changes or by taking medication. Staying active, eating more fruit and vegetables and keeping salt intake to a minimum can help in lowering blood pressure.”

The scientists have repeatedly mentioned that controlling blood pressure can avoid many serious infirmities. Timely and proper treatment can control soaring blood pressure.

Even during pregnancy blood pressure is regularly monitored as hypertension can lead to serious implications.

The experts from the National Institute of Health have revealed the association between pregnancy-induced high blood pressure and their long term impact such as kidney ailments and diabetes

Dr. Robert Atlas from The Mercy Medical Center stated, “It’s a wake-up call to women who develop hypertension during pregnancy. So, if you develop pre-eclampsia, it’s a precursor that you need to watch your diet, watch your weight and take better care of yourself, because you have a marked increased risk of developing hypertension or have a heart attack that can lead to death.”

Remember hypertension can be avoided or controlled by adopting healthy lifestyle and right attitude that is devoid in our modern lives.

So treat your hypertension by healthy lifestyle.

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